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What Car Does Emma Chamberlain Drive?

What Car Does Emma Chamberlain Drive?

If there is one style of video that is popular on YouTube, it is car reveal videos. This is when famous personalities show their fans around the new car they have purchased. From new Lamborghinis to top-of-the-range Mercedes Benz, big YouTubers are known to have awesome cars that everybody wants to have.

One YouTuber that a lot of people like to watch is Emma Chamberlain. Naturally, her fans and others that watch some of her videos want to know what car she drives. So, let’s find out more about her and her ride.

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

If there is someone that is naturally funny to watch on YouTube, it has to be Emma Chamberlain. While she simply vlogs about her life, she is entertaining to watch and is only 19 years old. Emma Chamberlain is American and was born in San Francisco, California. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles.


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When it comes to YouTube, Emma Chamberlain started her channel back in 2016 and she posted her first video in June 2017. Just two years later, she had over 8 million subscribers. People loved her content and her channel continued to grow. She starred with a lot of big YouTubers, which helped her gain popularity. But, she is also very entertaining and unique on YouTube, which has meant that subscribers love her. Indeed, she has won several awards for her videos and almost everybody has heard of her.

Now, she has over 10 million subscribers and each of her videos gets at least 3 million views. In total she has had over 1 billion views on her channel. Alongside her YouTube channel, Emma Chamberlain has a podcast called ‘Anything Goes’. She also sells merchandise, as well as having her own coffee company. She is believed to have a net worth of over $3 million. She does a lot of modelling now and she was even invited to Paris Fashion Week. So, she is moving into other industries.

What Vehicle Does Emma Chamberlain Have?

A popular question people ask is; what car does Emma Chamberlain drive? Indeed, this is something that a lot of Youtubers show off in their videos, including doing car reveal videos that show off their new ride. With millions of followers, a lot of viewers would expect Emma Chamberlain to have an expensive vehicle. Certainly, after seeing her house and the estimated net worth, it is likely that Emma Chamberlain can afford a flashy and sporty car.


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But, it is interesting to note that Emma Chamberlain has not revealed what type of car she is driving. In a lot of her videos, she is seen behind the wheel. She has even released road trip videos on her YouTube channel. For example, in one of her recent videos, she drove all the way to San Francisco from Los Angeles. Emma Chamberlain is seen putting all of her luggage into the trunk of the car, which appears to be white on the exterior, as well as having the shape of an SUV vehicle. In addition, when she is seen driving in her vlogs, the vehicle has a clean, leather and beige interior.

Due to not revealing what she drives, curiosity has grown as to what car Emma Chamberlain has. Investigators on the internet have examined her videos and photos on Instagram to find that she likely drives the Mitsubishi Outlander. This is a large and luxurious SUV that will offer enough space for Emma Chamberlain and her friends. It is likely that she has some additional features inside, as the seats appear to be upgraded from the basic model. This car could cost around $43,000 to purchase.

What is the Mitsubishi Outlander Like? 

People may be surprised that someone like Emma Chamberlain drives a Mitsubishi Outlander. She makes a lot of money from her videos and car, as well as being young and ambitious. So, naturally, there are some people that would think she would want the on-trend vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon or the Range Rover Velar. But, the Mitsubishi Outlander is a modest yet luxurious car to own. So, let’s learn some more about the car.


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The Mitsubishi Outlander is known as a front wheel drive and it is an SUV. It has good safety for driving, as well as famous for having an efficient engine. The car has five seats and offers a lot of cargo space. It has a lot of safety features that make it a good car for young drivers like Emma Chamberlain. This includes lane departure warning, rain-sensing wipers and even power folding side mirrors.

Does Emma Chamberlain Have Another Car?

A lot of people think that YouTubers with a lot of money are going to have expensive cars. So, when they heard that Emma Chamberlain might have a Mitsubishi Outlander, they wonder if she has another car? Indeed, this is a modest vehicle for a Youtuber that has her popularity. But, it is unclear whether she has another car. While she may have one that she does not record videos in, it is unlikely that she would keep this a secret from her fans. After all, she does drive a lot in her videos. Thus, it is unlikely that she has another vehicle.

To Summarize

If you have been wondering what Emma Chamberlain drives, it is thought that she owners a Mitsubishi Outlander. She has not introduced the car or shown a lot of it in her videos. But, from the little we have seen of her car, it is likely this is what she has. It is likely that she has had some additions made and this will be an upgraded package. This would allow her to get everything she wanted with her vehicle. A lot of people speculate that she might have another vehicle. This is a possibility. But, it is unlikely that she would go to great lengths to hide this since she is open about a lot of things with her viewers.

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