TikTok: What Happened with Willy Wonka – Creator Canceled?

TikTok: What Happened with Willy Wonka – Creator Canceled?

The great thing about the TikTok app is that you watch short videos for hours. You can scroll through the ones that interest you, with entertaining clips to emotional videos. There are some creators on TikTok that have millions of followers and views on their videos. In particular, some are very well known and are instantly recognizable.

One of them is Willy Wonka. While his real name is Duke, if you said to anyone about seeing the Willy Wonka kid, they would know exactly who you are talking about. Indeed, just as the name suggests, he dresses up as Willy Wonka for his viral videos.

But, if you are wondering why you have not seen Willy Wonka on your TikTok app for a while, there is a reason for this. He has been canceled.

Who is Willy Wonka on TikTok?

If you are not familiar with Willy Wonka, he is a young man from Utah. He is called Duke and he is 19 years old. He went viral on TikTok for dressing up as Willy Wonka and completing the dance trends. His videos have had millions of views and he has over 18 million followers on the platform. You can find him @willywonkatiktok and he is a verified user, which is the blue tick that is reserved for big stars. In addition, he has a personal TIkTok profile too, which is popular with millions of followers. You can find it @dukedepp.



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As you would expect, Duke has said that his favorite film is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Indeed, he does look a lot like that character and some people think it is scary how much he looks like Johnny Depp when he played the character for the movie. He goes all out with his costume to look just like Willy Wonka.

What is Cancel Culture?

You may have heard everybody talking about cancel culture. This is a phenomenon in social media where if someone does something wrong, they are canceled. In other words, if you do something that people do not like, you will be condemned and no longer be a big star. While it can be a problematic culture that exists online, it can mean that people are punished for doing things wrong. For example, some people argue that Willy Wonka deserves to be canceled on TikTok because of his actions. Let’s take a look at what they were.

Why Has Willy Wonka Been Canceled?

There are many different reasons why Willy Wonka has been canceled on TikTok. It will depend on who you are talking to why they now dislike the creator. For instance, it is well documented that the TikTok star was breaking COVD-19 rules and continuing to get around town while everyone else has been staying at home. The world is in the middle of a pandemic and he was spotted hanging out with friends. This annoyed people and thought that he was reckless do be doing this while people are very sick and dying around the world. This disappointed a lot of his fans who have said the star is now canceled for being so thoughtless and selfish.


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Another reason people do not Willy Wonka right now is because he has been seen hanging around with Tony Lopez. He is another TikTok star that has been canceled after big allegations made about him. Namely, Tony Lopez was linked with messaging underage girls explicitly and inappropriately. This sexual misconduct went viral and everybody heard about it back in August 2020. Thus, Willy Wonka being seen with him is not helping his own image in any way. Even though Tony Lopez apologized for his behavior, a lot of people still hold this again him, as well as anyone that is associated with him.

Some people have also taken offense from a video that Willy Wonka posted on TikTok. This was said to be making fun of Spanish culture and a lot of people did not like it. In particular, he was said to be playing a part in negative stereotyping of Spanish culture. The video concerned responding to a fan who asked him, ‘do you speak Spanish?’ Instead of simply answering the question in a respectful way, he decided to answer, ‘yo soy Willy Wonka, si?’ while eating a tortilla chip. A lot of people did not like this and found it offensive.

However, it is interested to note that some people were on Willy Wonka’s side for the video. They thought that people had taken it too far and this was the negative side to cancel culture. It was an attempt to be funny and too many people were being sensitive. They said that they did not believe he was trying to cause harm.


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Did Willy Wonka Respond?

Willy Wonka realized that he upset a lot of people when it came to the speaking Spanish video. As a result, he decided to take the video down. This means that it is no longer on his official TikTok. Not only did he choose to take the video down, but he also decided that he should apologize for what happened to his fans. On Twitter, he decided to post that he was very sorry about the video he posted. He said that he reflected on the video and realizes that this was not the right thing to do and he can see how he got it wrong. He also promised his fans that he would do better in the future.

Despite being canceled for a while, Willy Wonka is still doing well on the TikTok platform. He has over 470 million likes and keeps his 18.5 million followers. His videos have a lot of views and this means he is still proving to be popular. Again, some fans were still on his side through all of the canceled allegations and this has meant that his TikTok has survived. A lot of people are not forgetting about the incident that happened.

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