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Top 10 Best Warmest Mittens

best warmest mittens
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Winters can be darn right cold, especially in the northern states! It can also be pretty cold in the mountains for winter sports such as skiing. So, how do you keep your hands warm?

Many people choose to wear mittens to keep their hands and fingers warm in cold weather. In fact, experts say mittens are warmer and offer greater protection against the cold than gloves and other hand coverings. Mittens are warmer because all the fingers are enclosed together in one space, without being separated by a lining. While they may be a little more difficult to work in or enjoy winter sports, they are much warmer, especially when temperatures drop below freezing.

Now, we’re ready to get on with our list of the warmest mittens!

Our List of the Best, Warmest Mittens

Here’s our list of the top 10 best mittens on the market right now

1). Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove—Classic 3-Finer Snow Glove


These mittens are made for men and especially made for skiing. They’re made of windproof, water-resistant, breathable Hestra Triton fabric, with goat leather on the palm and fingers. These mittens will keep your hands warm, even in wet conditions due to the thin polyester fiber, which has a high insulating capacity. The lining is also soft and snug, so your hands will feel comfortable inside.

Even though these are mittens, you won’t have to sacrifice dexterity. You’ll be able to move your hand as if you had gloves on. The mittens also have an elastic strap, with a Velcro closure to keep snow and cold out, allowing your hands to stay warm.

2). Burton’s Men’s Baker 2-in-1 Mitten with Removable Liner


This is another mitten made for men, which offers exceptional warmth for your hands in the cold. With these mittens, you have an inner liner that can be worn alone, or together with the outer shell. These mittens will keep your hands dry and warm. They also included a zippered pocket, where you can place a hand warmer inside the mittens. And you don’t have to worry about the warmers falling out.

The mittens are made from durable Burton PU synthetic leather, which is combined with another technology that keeps the glove from wearing, fraying or tearing. And the leather shell is protected by a waterproof covering called the Dryride Membrane 2.0.

The Burton mittens have Thermocore insulation for added warmth. The Dryride membrane is also removeable.

What’s more, these mittens also include a Screen Grab Palm, to make it easy to text and manage your mobile device. It provides full touchscreen control.

3). Kids Easy-On Wrap Waterproof Thinsulate Mittens


Here are some really cute mittens for kids! These mittens are waterproof, warm and snow-proof. The mittens are insulated with Thinsulate, which keeps hands and fingers warm in cold winter weather. The mittens are completely waterproof and will keep your kids’ hands dry, even in wet snow and ice. The mittens also include a 2.5-inch knitted cuff that you can tuck into your kids’ jacket or coat sleeves. This keeps now from going up the sleeves or inside the gloves.

Some mittens for kids are extremely difficult to put on; however, these mittens are made with elastic in the wrists, which makes it easier to widen the mitten to get onto the child’s hands. Then there’s a hook and loop closure to make sure the mittens stay on, while keeping out the cold. The mittens also feature a grippy palm area and thumbs, making it much easier to enjoy playing in the snow, sledding, and more.

4). Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Cold Weather Mittens


These mittens will keep you warm, and come in sizes available for men, women, and children. These mittens include a fully waterproof insert, and PrimaLoft insulation. They offer a four-way stretch Pertex Shield, which keeps moisture out. The mittens also have a goat leather palm, with Kelvar stitching to increase the mittens’ durability.

The mittens also have a removable split-finger liner, with high-loft fleece lining that will keep your hands nice and toasty. And you’ll find these mittens even had a BD.dry insert that keeps moisture from forming within the mittens.

5). N’Ice Caps Men’s and Women’s 100 Gram Thinsulate Waterproof Mittens


These are mittens that also include gloves inside. Your hands are sure to stay warm in these waterproof, snowproof mittens/gloves. They’re insulated with 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate, which keeps you warm even at the coldest temperatures. Plus, the mittens/gloves are completely waterproof, so your hands will stay dry even in the wet, snowy, icy weather conditions.

Another great feature of these mittens/gloves is that they have an extended length gauntlet cuff with a loc, which be tucked under your coat sleeve. You won’t have to worry about snow getting inside! These mittens are easy to put on and wear—they feature an elastic at the wrist area, which makes the opening larger. This makes it easier to get your hands in and out of the mittens.

6). EXski -22 F (-30 C) Waterproof Winter Gloves Warm 3M Thinsulate Ski Mittens


These are some of the warmest mittens around! They feature G-Type 3M Thinsulate Insulation, with a PU leather palm, and a nylon shell. The mittens are lined with 40 g of Thinsulate, along with 280 grams of cotton.

These mittens are waterproofed by a FAN-TEX TPU membrane insert, which creates a barrier that keeps water or moisture from reaching your hands. The mitten nylon outer shell and PU leather palm are also water-resistant, so water can’t soak through the mittens to reach your hands and fingers.

The mittens also have an adjustable, elastic cuff, which makes it easier to get that snug fit to keep out snow and water.

7). OZERO Winter Gloves Ski Mittens 3M Thinsulate Thermal Snow Work Gloves



These mittens are for men and women and include 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation cotton. You’ll have warm hands and a good grip with these winter mittens. The Thinsulate insulation works down to temperatures as cold as -40 F.

These mittens are also windproof, water resistant, and snowproof due to the unique air design of these mittens. The outer nylon layer makes the mittens windproof and water-resistant, as well as breathable. There’s also a TPU membrane inserted into the mittens to ensure your hands and fingers stay warm and protected from melting snow, cold air, and more.

8). Andorra Women’s Touchscreen Ski & Snowboarding Mittens


These mittens are made especially for women and are insulated with state of the art insultation. The mittens are made with an inner layer that provides the most warmth, without all the bulk. In addition, they’re built to last. You’ll also find these mittens include adjustable Velcro straps combined with heavy-duty closures. This allows you to customize the fit and create an effective barrier between you and the cold and snow.

Plus, these mittens give you the comfort you need, without sacrificing dexterity and grip. The mittens are also quick drying, with a lining that wicks moisture away from your hands and fingers. Your hands will stay dry and warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

9). Dakine Sequoia Gore-Tex Snow Mitts


These mittens feature a Gore-Tex insulation, and a removeable storm liner. This means you have more control over the temperature of your hands. If it’s not that cold, but you need some protection, you can wear the liner alone. However, if it gets very cold, then wear the mittens and the liner together to have maximum warmth.

These mittens also provide you with touchscreen compatibility, so you can stay connected without having to expose your hand and fingers to extremely cold temperatures. And the mittens include a Rubbertec palm, which makes it easy to grip, while ensuring the durability of the mittens.

10). Trailheads Men’s Power Stretch Convertible Mittens/Fingerless Gloves


The Trailheads Men’s Power convertible mittens/fingerless gloves are convertible mittens that also include fingerless gloves inside. Just roll the top of the mittens to expose the fingerless gloves. What’s more, the mitten top can be removed and be stowed in a pocket on the back of the mitten.

The Polartec Power Stretch Por Fabric provides protection in colder weather. Because these mittens are convertible, they’re hand for active use such as skiing, shoveling snow, and more. The mittens also include reflective stripes across the back of each mitten, to help make the wearer more visible on darker days.

So, how do you choose mittens that are the warmest?

Factors that Effect Mitten Warmth

There are several factors that can make mittens warmer (or not). The most common factors are:

Type of insultation:

  • Down insulation: down is the ultimate insulator and it’s very light, easy to compress, as well as long-lasting, as well as breathable. One issue that makes it more challenging to choose down mittens is that down is quite a bit more expensive than synthetic insulation. Another issue is that down can’t keep you warm when it gets wet. For this reason, down isn’t often used as an insulator in mittens. If it is used, then the down is encased in a waterproof lining that helps stay dry.
  • Synthetic insulation: is less expensive, and it even insulates when it’s wet. Plus, synthetic insulation dries out a lot faster than down. One of the downsides of this type of insulator is that it doesn’t provide as much warmth for its weight, and it’s bulkier than down. And it isn’t able to keep you warm if it becomes compressed.

Waterproofing: not all mittens are waterproofed. In fact, the ones that are the best are made of Gore-Tex. This is a type of fabric that’s been engineered to be both waterproof and breathable, while offering excellent protection in cold climes.

However, keep in mind that even waterproofed mittens can become wet. This most often happens from the inside out, because we sweat in the mittens.

Heated mittens: another option to keep your hands warm is to choose mittens that have a battery-operated heating system. The batteries are usually rechargeable li-ion batteries. Depending on the brand, the mittens may even offer various heat settings, so you can choose how warm your hands will be.

It’s important to be aware that these mittens will be quite expensive, as well as bulky. But they can do the job when it comes to keeping your hands warm.

Mittens with touch-screen compatible fingers: this is another innovation that’s come along for mittens in recent years. Mitten manufacturers have begun creating mittens that make it easier to run your mobile device, while keeping your fingers warm.

How to Find Properly Sized Mittens

Getting the fit right is important when it comes to keeping your hands warm. If your mittens are too large, they won’t be able to keep your hands warm. And if you’re mittens are too small, you won’t have full movement of your hands and fingers, making it difficult to do anything when outdoors.

As a general guide, it’s best to look for mittens that have about ¼” of fabric at the end of your fully stretched out fingers. And if you make a fist, the mittens should not be too tight.

So, these are the factors to keep in mind when shopping for mittens. Also consider the activities you’ll be doing when wearing the mittens. For instance, will you be skiing, shoveling snow, or even driving? Find mittens that will work for specific sports or tasks.

So, there you have it! We tried to provide a wide of mittens to choose from including some for kids. We hope you’ll find the best, warmest mittens to keep your hands warm and dry this winter!

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