Discourse enhances intimacy between people

Discourse Enhances Intimacy Between People

Today, a human being feels that the world is mired in hatred and chaos as a result of the incidents that happen across the world daily. This leads to having unfair and biased narrow visions for each group of people. 

But are there magic solutions to make the members of societies respect their differences and not turn them into a conflict? The answer is yes! This can happen through dialogue, through which all problems are solved. Today we need dialogue and to spread ideas that create discussion and make people come together, and this is what many sites like The Doe are doing.

Dialogue is the beginning of addressing the parties to exchange ideas and opinions of discussion between two different groups, or between a group of people in a particular matter or issue that is being discussed, while providing arguments and evidence to convince the other party. It’s a means of communication between people where the points of view are identified. We will mention in this article the importance and benefits of dialogue in our lives.

In this turbulent globalized global landscape, peace must be more than the absence of war. We must promote respect for justice and human rights across the world. This is because peace is a continuous process, a long-term goal that requires continuous global popular efforts, vigilance that crosses and pervades all civilizations and cultures.

It has become more important than ever to promote and disseminate values, attitudes, and behaviors conducive to dialogue, non-violence, and convergence of cultures. Governments, before peoples, must be prevented from spreading hate speech, and contempt for religions, cultures, and demographic, geographical, and societal diversity. The harmonious interaction of people and groups with multiple, diverse and dynamic cultural identities, as well as their willingness to live together, must be ensured, and policies aimed at the inclusion and participation of all populations must be made guarantees of social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peace.

If we want to summarize the benefits of dialogue, we can say that it is a way to convince others of a certain idea or convey information. Dialogue is used to correct misconceptions and distorted beliefs. For example, many people believe in ideas that may violate certain laws in their society. Dialogue is a way to convince the individual of his/her mistakes. In other words, it is a key to reach the truth and an argument against the violators and the people of falsehood.

Dialogue contributes to strengthening the personality of the interlocutor and improving dealing with others and listening to them. When a person engages in dialogue, he or she must accept criticism and people’s opinions, away from the use of violence and barbarism to impose his/her opinion on others. Dialogue is a way to bring people closer together.

Dialogue may be a way to catch up on problems and prevent their development and aggravation. Perhaps the problem was small in its beginnings, then because of neglect, it grew until it became difficult solutions. Rather, dialogue may lead to finding solutions to some problems.

On the other hand, dialogue enhances intimacy between people and empties pent-up and negative feelings.

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