15 Best Netflix Web Series You Should Include In Your Watch List Today

15 Best Netflix Web Series You Should Include In Your Watch List Today

Are you prepared to add the top Netflix programs to your queue for streaming? All the most recent movies and a thousand other series are only a few clicks, a browser tab, and an internet connection away.

With Netflix being the best streaming service online, global content from ace creators is now accessible to you right from your couch. But still, there is a lot of content that is not available to watch globally just like Harry potter movies on Netflix. But there are some tricks and tricks, through which you can bypass these geo restrictions. We usually wind up discovering our newest source of streaming addiction every week or so, and Netflix is one such treasure trove packed with A-class entertainment stuff.

On that note, let’s start with our carefully picked list of the top 15 Netflix TV series that will keep you engrossed for hours.

1.  Narcos

In this documentary, Oscar-winning director Errol Morris explores the 1953 passing of scientist and CIA employee Frank Olson. Olson died after falling out of his hotel room window in New York City; at first, his death was thought to be a suicide, but a 1975 investigation linked it to a top-secret experiment.

2.  House of cards

A civilization where dishonest politicians and heinous scandals abound is led by none other than Frank Underwood. In the film House of Cards, based on the UK BBC series of the same name, the senator concocts his way to the White House while putting everyone on trial.

3.  Stranger Things

This is one of the most binge-watched series of recent times. The Duffer brothers pieced together a jumble of 1980s allusions before siphoning them all into a murderous storyline involving government experimentation on residents of a tiny Indiana hamlet.

4.  The hauntings of the hill house

Based on the 1959 Shirley Jackson novel of the same name, Hauntings of the Hill House is an American collection of supernatural horror stories. The plot centers on siblings of a family who grew up together in what eventually became the most well-known haunted home in the nation.

5.   Sacred games

Due to its intense drama and realistic writing, Sacred Games has unquestionably become one of the finest Indian TV programs on Netflix. Sacred Games has proven to be a breakthrough series in Indian television with its dark yet compelling plot and superbly crafted characters.

6.   Better Call Saul

Do you recall the shady attorney from Breaking Bad? Saul Goodman is the focus of this entire program. After the series’ final events, the story starts afresh and quickly flashes back to the time when Saul became the badass cunning lawyer that he is now. He had been known as Jimmy McGill for six years previously.

7.    Delhi Crime

The Delhi Violence series performed a good job of raising awareness about the rising crime against women in India since it was based on the heartbreaking, blood-curdling events of the 2012 Nirbhaya Gang rape case. Due to the plot’s emphasis on the actions and mindset of criminals, it is both fascinating and upsetting to watch.

8.    Master of none

This Netflix original comedy was created by Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang, and it is partially based on Ansari’s real-life experiences. Ansari portrays Dev, an actor who is having a hard time figuring out what he desires in life on a personal and professional level. Dev’s earlier years are partially shown in the series, which also looks at his present circumstances.

9.    Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has been reestablishing her personal life and professional career as a hot-tempered, sarcastic, badass private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Ever since her brief stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica confronts both internal and external demons since she suffers from self-loathing and a severe case of PTSD.

10.   Sherlock

Sir Arthur Conan Dyle’s fabled nineteenth-century creation is now set in 2010 England. Sherlock Holmes has his website, enjoys using his Blackberry, and uses nicotine patches to get his fix. This famous program beautifully accomplished a premise that might have been so easily mishandled.

The fact that fans were seen walking around with “Sher-locked” t-shirts as the show gained popularity proves that it belongs on this list of the finest TV series on Netflix.

11.    Black Mirror

Each episode of this anthology series works as a stand-alone tale that explores a certain technological advancement and how it can bring about the end of humanity.

Most of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian science fiction series takes place in a near future where every technological want is taken care of. It has become one of the most talked-about programs in recent years due to our choice to situate it so close to our own time.

12.    A Series of Unfortunate Events

The series has a distinct flavor and is renowned for the narrator Lemony Snicket’s dark humor and caustic narration, in addition to the brilliant narrative based on the series of 13 novels.

The plot centers on the lives of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, also known as the Baudelaire orphans, who lost their parents in an enigmatic fire.

13.    Breaking Bad

One of the finest TV series to come out in recent years is still Breaking Bad. Throughout five seasons, the initial concept of a chemistry teacher who becomes a meth dealer spirals out of hand as Walter White, the lead in question gradually changes from a meek person to an antihero.

He keeps his illicit activities a secret from his family, which causes tension to slowly build up during the whole series.

14.     The End of the F***ing World

The two adjectives “strange” and “deranged” perfectly summarise the whole narrative of the series and its main characters. This British television series is unquestionably for you if you enjoy darkly humorous and musically woke content.

It is recommended to binge this one when you have lots of time since there is no turning back once you go down their incredibly horrific rabbit hole.

15.      Little things

Kavya and Dhruv, a couple in their 20s, continue to live together while exploring many aspects of daily life in India. The pair meets different obstacles, everyday tasks, work hours, and other events as their life goes on. These things all serve to strengthen their relationship.


Among millennials, binge-watching TV shows and online content is becoming very popular these days. To all of us who are caught up in traffic, deadlines, and expenses, the expression “Netflix and relax” just makes so much sense.

Netflix is one of the most well-liked SVOD services in many countries since it offers something for everyone. A categorized list of binge-worthy shows is necessary because many shows and series are not enjoyable enough.

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