How Many Percy Jackson Movies Are There?

How Many Percy Jackson Movies Are There?

There are a lot of popular novels that have been turned into movies. Of course, this is due to having so many fans and a good storyline that fits the big screen. Some examples include Twilight, the Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Well, one of the latest novels that fans have been enjoying on the big screen is Percy Jackson. These adventures are exciting and fans want to know how many movies they can enjoy with this character. So, let’s take a closer look at this topic and explore how many movies there are so far.

Who is Percy Jackson?

First of all, if you are not familiar with Percy Jackson, you will want to know who this is. Indeed, this could be a movie franchise that you enjoy. Well, Percy Jackson is a character that is based on the famous book franchise. Indeed, a creative team has brought these stories to the big screen for everyone to enjoy. He is a Greek demigod, which means that he is the child of a god and a mortal. In the novels, he is the son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson. He was created by the novelist, Rick Riordan.

Of course, the novels are all about the adventures that Percy Jackson has. But, there are important themes that the stories are about. For example, one of them is about accepting who you are and your identity. Rick Riordan is said to have been inspired by his own son when creating the novels, as well as exploring Greek mythology in a new way. In total, over 20 million copies of the Percy Jackson novels have been sold. Children and teens loved the characters and perhaps it could be the biggest series since the creation of Harry Potter. So, there is no doubt that people wanted to turn novels into movies.

How Many Percy Jackson Movies Are There?

How Many Percy Jackson Movies Have Been Released?

There are several Percy Jackson novels, which means that a lot of people ask how many movies there are. So, let’s get into the details. The first movie that was created based on the novels was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The movie tried to strike a balance between pleasing the fans of the novel, as well as allowing a new audience to join in with the adventure. So, it was based on the first novel. This movie was released in 2010 and around this time, it was said that there could be five movies.

Following this beginning, there was a second movie. This was called Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. While the movies could be said to be a success in some ways, in terms of the novels, there are some fans that do not agree. So, there were only two movies that were released based on the novels. It was fair to say that 20th Century Fox did not see the point of taking the movies any further. They did not receive the great reception that was anticipated by the loyal fans of the book. In particular, they did not like how the characters were brought to the big screen.

In addition, Riordan was known not to be a big fan of the movies. It is said that he did not have a lot of involvement in how they were made, which he did not like. He also did not like how they changed stories and adapted his novels. He wanted to distance himself from the movies.

But, this was not quite the end of the story. Instead, Riordan kept persisting with his characters and new mythologies. In particular, Disney ordered a Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This would have eight episodes and be based on the novels. This series will star Walker Scobell and it is said to better resemble the original novels. It is likely to be true since Riordan is going to be involved in the production.

The Disney series is still in the works and no filming has started yet. But, if you are a fan of the novels, this is sure to be good news. There is some speculation that the show could take two years to be created. But, these are only rumors at the moment.

To Summarize

It is common for a lot of novels to be made into movies. Indeed, it can bring a popular story and characters to life on the big screen. But, it is also something that has to be carefully done. This is particularly true if the novels are famous and have loyal fans.  They are not going to be happy if the movies do not resemble the books. This is something that happened with Percy Jackson. Let’s summarize what we know about this movie franchise and how many there were in the end.

Percy Jackson is a popular novel franchise that was written by Rick Riordan. He spent a long time creating fantastic stories and creating the Greek demigod, Percy Jackson. The novels were a success and said to be the next best after Harry Potter. Over 30 million copies of his novels have been sold.

Of course, due to this success, producers wanted to make the novels into movies. However, things did not quite go to plan. We can confirm that there have only been two movies when it comes to Percy Jackson. While there were once plans to have five movies in the works from the novels, they were not as big of a hit as expected. Namely, a lot of people said they did not show the novels in a good light.

Someone that is included in that list is Rick Riordan himself. He did not have much creative input in the movies and he did not like how his stories and characters were portrayed. But, this is all set to change since Disney is creating a Percy Jackson series. This is going to be released in the future and Riordan is going to have a more active role in bringing his novels to lfie.

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