Emmy the Robot R34 – Explained

Emmy the Robot R34

Almost every show is going to have fan art. This is when fans of the show create their own art, stories and videos from characters they love. Of course, the stories are fictional and they can be fun to read. If you like characters you can experiment with them in different stories and creating exciting scenarios.

But, there is always some fan art that is going to go too far. In particular, it can become pornographic. For instance, this is something that has happened with Emmy the Robot and rule 34. Let’s take a look at what these mean so you can understand why everyone is talking about it.

What is Rule 34?

First of all, let’s consider what rule 34 or r34 is. You may see this a lot on the internet and wonder what it means. Well, we all know that the internet can be home to some strange and disturbing stuff. This is where rule 34 comes in. This means that the content or information is going to be pornographic in some way. In other words, it should only be viewed by adults and those that are above 18 years old. No kids should look at content containing rule 34.

Anything can fall under rule 34. For example, this can be content containing celebrities or cartoons, as well as even some objects. People let their imagination run wild and it can sometimes go too far. So, be prepared that some rule 34 content is not going to be for you. In fact, some people are adults and say that the content they see is disturbing.

A lot of people wonder where rule 34 came from. Well, we cannot be sure of the origin. But, some people believe it started back in 2003. Namely, this was to do with an online comic that was published. In particular, there were individuals creating cartoon characters in pornographic scenes and classed it as fan art. This was not something that the writer of the comic book liked.

Since 2003, rule 34 is something that online enthusiastic know about. They will refer to it on online discussions and chatrooms, as well as forums. This is especially true when it comes to fan art.

Of course, rule 34 content means that it should only be viewed by adults. Yes, people under the age of 18 should not view pornographic content. But, it is also to do with the fact that it is often famous characters and cartoons. It may be something that means their favorite characters are ruined for them at an early age. This could have a bad effect on them as a young child.

Who is Emmy the Robot?

Next, you are going to want to understand who Emmy the Robot is. Well, this is a character in a digital comic. You can find it on WEBTOON. In particular, the character was created and the story was written by Dominic Cellini. The robot is an Android Nanny and her name is Emmy. The role of Emmy is to look after families and their children, often nicknamed as a Nandroid. In the story, the Sterling Robotics Company created Emmy.

Emmy is a character that has been created to look naïve and innocent. Indeed, the robot has the job of looking after the Delaire family and their children. The story is wholesome and demonstrates what it would be like to have a robot in your home. It was meant to be silly and fun to read, seeing how Emmy would react to normal and everyday activities in a family situation.

But, while the character was created as part of a story, people are creating their own chapters when it comes to Emmy and being a robot. Unfortunately, people are making this less innocent and it is rule 34 content. Since we have already discussed what this means, you are now going to know what we are referring to. It is going to be your decision whether you want to stick to the original online comic stories or venture into this world.

To Summarize

There are television series, comics and movies out there that capture your imagination. They allow you to consider other elements of life and really dive into what interests you and your passions. But, there are some occasions when people get too involved with a fictional story. Namely, this can end up with the creation of fan art that has gone too far. In particular, it can be rule 34 content. Let’s summarize what we know about Emmy the Robot.

First of all, if you were not familiar with Emmy the Robot before, you now know that she is a robot in a digital comic. This story can be read on WEBTOON and it is about an Android Nanny that is used to look after children in the home. The original comic was written by Dominic Cellini. Emmy the robot was created as an innocent and naïve robot and the stories are said to be wholesome in nature.

Indeed, a lot of people like Emmy the robot and the online comic. But, they have liked the story so much they have created their own fan art In particular, this has a pornographic nature, which makes it rule 34 content. We have learned that this means there is content created that is for adults only. Children under 18 years old should not view this since it can taint their view on Emmy the robot.

Therefore, you have to be wary when it comes to rule 34 content on the internet. You now know what this means and this might mean that you want to stay way from it. Indeed, it might ruin your favorite characters if you are a child or even as an adult. There are some people that get very involved with the fictional stories they read and this is what can happen. You may want to stay away from anything to do with Emmy the Robot and rule 34.

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