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Memes: Where Did the Twisted Tea Video Happen?

Memes: Where Did the Twisted Tea Video Happen?

At the end of 2020, there was one video that everyone was talking about. In fact, this video still goes around on the internet today and people refer to it. We are talking about the Twisted Tea video. Have you seen this meme or want to know more about what actually happened? We are going to go into detail and discuss everything to do with the Twisted Tea video. So, let’s get started.

What is the Twisted Tea Video?

First of all, before we go into detail, you are going to want to know what the Twisted Tea video is if you have never heard of it before. Well, in this video, you can see a man in a store hitting another man. It all happened in an American shop where they were paying for snacks. It went viral because the man was hit with a Twisted Tea can. A lot of people have found this fun and made it into a meme.

Essentially, in the video, two men get into an argument when they are paying. One of them keeps asking the other to smack him. Eventually, the other man gives in and he uses a Twisted Tea can to smack him on the face. This is quick a blow to the face and there is juice seen coming out of the can. The man is knocked to the ground as the other man called his bluff.

Of course, one great thing about the internet is people love to have fun. So, they have taken this video and created memes from it. In particular, they are pairing songs with the sound of the Twisted Tea can hitting the man’s face. For example, there is the David Matthews Ants marching remix. Internet users are getting creative.

Where Did the Twisted Tea Video Happen?

There are a lot of people seeing the funny side of this video. A lot of people say that the man got what he deserved. But, one thing’s for sure, this video has made a lot of people want to know the context in which it happened, as well as where the incident took place.

Well, we can reveal that the Twisted Tea video took place in a Circle K. This is a convenience store and gas station and it is located in Elyria, Ohio. We are not sure of details on who the people are. There are no names spreading around the internet or anybody coming forward to say it was them involved. In addition, it is also unknown who recorded the incident taking place. Again, perhaps they want to stay anonymous in case this incident was taken any further.

Why Did the Incident Take Place?

If you are watching the video, you may wonder why the incident happened in the first place. Was it an unprovoked attack or was the man causing trouble in the first place? Well, from what people are saying about the video and that the man using the Twisted Tea can being a hero, it was the other man that started the problems in the first place. It is believed that the white man that got hit with the Twisted Tea can was calling the other man a racial slur. In addition, he was also provoking him to hit him. The man drops his Twisted Tea can and the white man tries to kick it away, which adds to the tension. Then, this is when he is hit with the can.

Since the video ends after the man is hit with the Twisted Tea can, we do not know if he was seriously hurt. But, hopefully, he now realizes that it is not cool to use racial slurs and that you should not abuse other shoppers. While violence should not be condoned, it is important to realize that everybody has their breaking point.

What Other Memes Have Emerged from the Twisted Tea Video?

When people find a funny video, you know that memes are going to emerge. Indeed, this is what has happened with the Twisted Tea video. Of course, people are remixing songs and using them. But, there are also people that are making funny memes that refer to Twisted Tea. You are going to find them on Twitter, as well as Facebook and TikTok. For instance, people are laughing about how a Twisted Tea can is now a weapon.

To Summarize

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what the Twisted Tea meme is. This is something that has been going viral recently and everyone has been talking about it. Let’s summarize what we have learned about the Twisted Tea meme and where it took place.

Unfortunately, people get into pointless arguments all the time in person. This is a meme that has managed to capture a moment on camera. In particular, in an American convenience store and gas station, a man started an argument with another man. The tension rises and before you know it, the man was hit with a Twisted Tea can. This resulted in him falling to the ground. Who knew that Twisted Tea could be used as a weapon?

This meme has a lot of people laughing and they believed that the man deserved it. While we do not know how this incident occurred, it happened in Circle K. The store is located in Elyria, Ohio. We do not know the details of the people involved as nobody has come forward. But, what we do know is that the man probably regretted his actions after being hit with the Twisted Tea can.

Will we ever find out more about this meme? Well, only time will tell. But, it is unlikely that anyone is going to come forward. It has been floating around on the internet for a while and nobody has said it was them involved. This includes the man that people are calling a hero for humbling the other man with the Twisted Tea can.

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