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Memes: Are You Winning Son Explained

Memes: Are You Winning Son Explained

Looking for a way to pass the time? Well, memes can be a way to do this. They are everywhere online and they can make situations funny, whether you are posting on social media or interacting with your friends. Either way, you are going to want to know the latest memes so that you can enjoy a laugh and have fun on the internet.

There is one that everyone is talking about right now. We are talking about the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme. Have you heard of this before? Let’s talk about this topic and how it all started.

What is the ‘Are Ya Winning, Son?’ Meme?

There are a lot of memes going around on the internet. Sometimes, you might forget that you have seen some. But, if you are not sure what the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme is, then you probably have not come across it. But, do not worry, you are likely to see it soon after reading this post.

So, what is the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme? Well, it is actually a stick figure drawing that somebody created years ago. It shows a father walking into his son’s bedroom. In particular, his soon is on the computer. As you would guess, the father asks if he is winning, assuming his son is playing a game. However, what the soon is actually doing is playing a virtual reality hentai game on his computer.


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♬ original sound – AhLottaAntwan

A lot of people find this meme funny because the father believes that his son is playing a wholesome game. He is simply walking in and trying to engage with him. Namely, he is asking if he is winning in the game. However, this is not actually what is son is doing.

This meme first appeared back in 2014 and people found it funny. It was created on MS Paint as a webcomic. It was created by 4chan and it was shared on an Oculus Rift thread. Then, it came back to life in May 2020 and you will still see it on the internet today.

Of course, like any good meme, there have been changes made. Now, people are having some fun of their own and creating different scenarios where the father is asking, ‘are ya winning, son?’ Of course, the objective is to get you to laugh as the audience. This can be to do with anything and often, people change the scenario depending on what the trending topics are in society. 

Why is the ‘Are Ya Winning, Son?’ Relatable?

In many different ways, the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme is quite relatable to everyday life. In particular, parents often try to connect with their children and take an interest in their hobbies. But, the reality is, they often do not know what they are talking about and end up saying silly things in order to speak to their child. Indeed, this is what is happening in this ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme.


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♬ blm – watered down oj

Of course, it is also a reminder that you can now do almost anything on the internet. While this type of freedom can sound good, and indeed it often is, it can also take a turn for the worst as we see in this meme.

Why is Virtual Reality so Popular?

In the last few years, virtual reality has become very popular with gamers. There are a variety of reasons for this. First of all, any new gaming experience is going to be exciting. Everybody wants to try it out for themselves and see what all of the fuss is all about. In addition, people like the fact that it is an immersive experience. They get to be part of the game and this leads to an amazing gaming experience, whether you are in a realistic world or fighting demons somewhere else in the galaxy.

In particular, a lot of virtual reality games now involve wearing a headset. This means that you are not going to be able to see the room around you. Indeed, this is what happens in the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme. The son does not know that the father is there or that he sees what he is doing.

To Summarize

There are so many memes out there on the internet and they are sure to keep you amused. But, there are a few that need more of an explanation and the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme is one of them. Hopefully, you now know what this meme is and you can even use it on the internet. Let’s summarize what it is all about.

The ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme is a stick figure drawing that has been around since 2014. It was made on MS Paint and shared by 4chan on an Oculus Rift thread. From here, it soon spread around the internet. The meme shows a boy in his bedroom playing a game. This is a virtual reality hentai game and he does not know that his father has entered the room. His father comes in and says, ‘are ya winning, son?’ It is clear that he has no idea what his son is doing and simply thinks he is playing a game. So, he asks if he is winning.

Of course, people find the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme hilarious because of what is happening. But, it is also a meme that a lot of young people can find relatable. This is because parents often try to connect with their kids and ask them what they are doing. In particular, they pretend they already know. This is where the ‘are ya winning, son?’ meme is relatable. The father assumes his son is playing a game and asks if he is winning. But, this is not quite what the game is about.

Virtual reality games are likely to be more popular in the coming years. This involves being part of the game and feeling like you are in another world. Have you ever played a virtual reality game?

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