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Think Mark Think Meme – Explained

Think Mark Think Meme

Memes are everywhere. There are funny ones that will have you thinking about them for hours afterward and there are silly memes that you wish you could get out of your head. Either way, they are capable of going viral in hours and taking over the internet.

There has been one meme that has everyone talking about it recently. It is called the Think Mark Think meme. You might be wondering; what is the Think Mark Think meme? Why does everyone love it so much? Let’s take a closer look at the Think Mark Think meme and what it actually means.

What is the Think Mark Think Meme?

There are two places that you are likely to come across the Think Mark Think meme on the internet. Namely, we are talking about Facebook and Twitter. But, there is a chance that this meme will make it onto other social media platforms. So, you can keep your eyes open. But, the main question is; what on earth is the Think Mark Think meme? Well, let’s get into it so that you can understand this meme trend.

The meme originated from a show that is currently on Amazon Prime. It is called Invincible. Thus, the meme is a screenshot from the show and it is a dramatic moment that happened in Invincible. In particular, the meme is based around a famous catch-phrase from this show that a lot of fans are going to recognize. Namely, the main character called Omni-Man, always says ‘Think Mark Think’.

A lot of people like to create memes and fans of the show are using this Think Mark Think catch-phrase in them. There are several scenarios and they all use this catch-phrase to make you laugh.

Where did the Think Mark Think Meme come from?

Of course, we now know that the Think Mark Think meme is from the show called Invincible. But, is there a particular episode where this catch-phrase stands out? The answer to this question is yes. You are going to find that people are referring to how The character says this phrase in the eighth episode of the first season. This was first aired for fans on the 30th April 2021.

If you do not want to learn about the show, then this next part is going to be spoiler. This is a warning to skip this next part if you do not want to read about some of the show. But, the Think Mark Think meme comes from a scene when Omni-Man and Invincible are fighting. Then, Omni-Man is fighting with his son and the purpose of this was to teach him a lesson. He keeps delivering blows and fighting with his son, as well as at the same time telling him to think about the situation. Of course, this is how the Think Mark Think meme started. People liked this seen and thought it would be fun to make it into an amusing meme.

The first Think Mark Think meme was such a success, this was noticed by other creators. Then, they used it as a snowclone, which lead to further memes. The point is that it could be used in any situation that you could imagine a parent shouting at their child to think about a situation. Again, others have made their own memes based on this scene and they are spreading on social media.

What is Omni-Man?

Perhaps you are interested in finding out more about Omni-Man and whether this is a show you would like. Well, if you like comics and superheroes then this might be a show for you. In particular, this is about Nolan Grayson who is Omni-Man. He is part of the Image Universe, and he was created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. In particular, Omni-Man is also the father of Invincible. He has a lot of powers and a member of the Viltrumite race. In the show, this character is voiced by J.K. Simmons.

Invincible is available to watch if you have Amazon Prime Video. You can stream episodes of the show and watch them all free of charge when you have this subscription. Since a lot of the episodes are there already, this means that a lot of people binge watch all of the episodes back to back.

To Summarize

There are so many memes in circulation that it can be hard to keep up with them all. But, thanks to the internet, it is easy to discover what they all mean so that you can join in with the joke. One of the latest memes that people have been talking about is the Think Mark Think meme. So, let’s summarize what we have learned in this post so that you can fully appreciate these memes in the future.

Essentially, the Think Mark Think meme has originated as a result of a show called Invincible. This is a superhero show that a lot of people are enjoying in Amazon Prime Video. There are a lot of episodes on here and they star someone called Omni-Man. This the character that is at the heart of the Think Mark Think meme. In particular, there is a particular episode that has led to the emergence of this meme. We are talking about a scene that takes place in the eighth episode, which is the final of season one of Invincible. In this scene, there is an intense fight between Omni-Man and his song, Invincible. During the fight, he is throwing blows at his son in order to teach him a lesson. He keep saying for his son to think about this situation. Indeed, this led to the birth of the Think Mark Think meme.

The purpose of the Think Mark Think meme is that it can be used in any teaching moment where you want someone to think about something. There is a lot of memes out there since the original has been used as a snowclone. So, now you know what it means, you can enjoy this meme online.

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