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Tina Burner Boy Band – Explained

Tina Burner Boy Band

If there is one show that is very popular right now and people love to watch, it is Ru Paul’s Drag race. This is a fun show that a lot of fans watch religiously. It has several episodes and it has fans hooked from start to finish.

In particular, someone that everyone has been talking about because of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is Tina Burner. Have you heard the name but do not know what everyone is talking about? Do you realize that she was in a band? Let’s take a closer look at who Tina Burner is and what everyone is saying about her on social media.

Who is Tina Burner?

First of all, if you are not familiar with Ru Paul’s Drag Race or you have not caught up on all of the episodes yet, you are going to want to know who Tina Burner is. Well, the 13th season of the show aired on 1st January 2021. Indeed, you can imagine that all of the fans were excited for this and this meant that it was the most watched episode ever of the show. Someone on that episode that grabbed everyone’s attention was Tina Burner.

The real name of Tina Burner is Kristian Seeber. Of course, this is her stage name and how most people refer to her. She is a drag artist from the United States and she starred as a contestant on the show in the 13th season. As you may have guessed, she made up her stage name based on the famous Tina Turner. Kristian Seeber is around 39 years old and it is even thought that she dated Graham Norton at one point.

One thing that a lot of people were joking around with on Ru Paul’s Drag Race was that Tina Burner was part of a boy band. Of course, this got everyone curious and trying to figure out what boy band she was in. In particular, Tina Burner admitted that when she was 19, she was signed to Universal Records. This is a company that a lot of people have heard of and this meant that everyone wanted to know the boy band. It was assumed that this was a big one at the time. A lot of people though that it might be NSYNC.

Was Tina Burner a Member of NSYNC?

If you like to learn about boy bands, then you probably want to know something about each of the members. Often, this starts out with what their names are. In particular, people have been asking whether Tina Burner was in famous boy band, NSYNC. But, we can confirm that Tina Burner was not in the boy band. Instead, the members of the band included Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and JV Chasez.

Although Tina Burner was not in NSYNC, it is fair to say that the boy band she was part of can look very similar to them. This was due to being formed in the 90s. But, the boy band that starred Tina Burner was called 5th Ring. In 2001, they had a hit song that was released and it was called Can’t Say. To begin with, this song was released in English. Then, they later released the same song but in Spanglish.

A lot of people are surprised to hear that Tina Burner was once in a boy band. It is something that has gone viral on social media as people struggle to come to terms with it. Again, we can confirm that she was not in NSYNC and the band you want to look into further is called 5th Ring.

What is RuPaul’s Drag Race?

If you have never watched RuPaul’s Drag Race before, you may be wondering what it is. It is a popular American reality television series where people compete. There are currently nine seasons of this show as they search for the next drag superstar. The host of the show, as well as the head judge, is RuPaul. The other judges on the show includes Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Ross Matthews. Through the nine seasons of the show, there have been thirteen winners.

A lot of people like the show since it can be dramatic and full of suspense. Indeed, all of the contestants have to compete against each other and to avoid elimination in the episodes.  There are challenges and each contestant is going to learn features of drag performances. The show is enjoyed in many countries around the world. This includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Israel and Indonesia.

To Summarize

A lot of people have thought that Tina Burner was part of a band. In particular, there was a rumor online that she was a part of NSYNC. So, let’s go over what we have summarized in this article and hopefully, you now know the answer to this question.

if you have never seen Ru Paul’s Drag Race before, you might not be familiar with Tina Burner. Her real name is Kristian Seeber and she was a drag artist that entertained to compete on the show. In particular, she starred on episodes in the 13th season. A lot of people thought that she was a member of a boy band. In particular, fans of the show speculated that it was NSYNC. This was after Tina Burner said that she signed with Universal Records when she was 19.

However, we can confirm that Tina Burner was not part of NSYNC. This was a famous boy band that was made up from members, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and JV Chasez. Instead, Tina Burner was a member of 5th Ring. They perhaps looked similar to NSYNC. In particular, their big hit song that people might know was called Can’t Say. This was a song in English and later, it was released in Spanglish.

There you have it; Tina Burner was not a member of NSYNC. But, she was telling the truth and was in band called 5th Ring.

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