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Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra – What is the difference?

Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra
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When gadgets have similar names and features it can be difficult to understand the differences. That’s why we created this article on two of Googles top devices for viewing TV shows and movies.

The Chromecast is a wonderful device that allows you to watch your favorite movies and show. This device is made for TVs that have an HDMI port. You also need a very good Internet connection (such as broadband access). With your Internet access and a Chromecast device, you’ll have more content to choose from.

The Chromecast is also great for anyone who doesn’t have a smart TV. If your current television is working just fine, then why buy a new one just for smart features, especially with the Chromecast available? You’ll save money while enjoying broader access to all types of content!

So, how do you know which device is best for you? That’s what this article will help you sort out!

What is Chromecast?

In case you’re not sure what Chromecast is, this is a device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. It works with a USB cable and connects to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop computer. The device you choose will act as a kind of remote control. You’ll need to have broadband access for this device to work well with your TV.

Chromecast provides you access to streaming services such as Google TV, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more. You can even use your smartphone or computer to “cast” shows to your TV through the Chromecast device.

Not only that, but you can also control the device with your voice through Google’s Assistant. Setup is pretty easy—just follow Google’s instruction. All you have to do is link the Chromecast device to your smartphone, tablet, or another device that’s on your home Internet network. The devices must be on the same network for the Chromecast to work. Once the devices are connected, you can simply use your voice to find content you’d to watch. That’s it!

Another great feature of the Chromecast device it’s small and easy to take with you. However, it’s really not great for traveling. You have to have an Internet connection that’s very strong and stable, otherwise the device will not work. Hotel WiFi connections are typically not the best and will not work with this device.

What is the Chromecast Ultra?

The Chromecast Ultra is a little different in that it’s set up for 4K and HDR content. Once you use the device with a TV that supports these features, you’ll have beautiful, vivid colors and crystal-clear pictures.

The Chromecast Ultra includes the latest WiFi and ethernet adapter, so connecting with the TV is easy. This device is also portable and small, and it works great with other Android and iOS devices. It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows computers. The device you connect to the Ultra will act as the remote control.

This device can also be used on standard HDTVs, but the TVs must have the 4K resolution, as well as an HDMI port where you’ll plug in the device. This device also requires a broadband connection.

What’s the Difference Between the Chromecast & the Chromecast Ultra?

Here, we’ll take a look at the differences between the Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra. First, let’s start with the price.

Price: the Chromecast Ultra costs about twice as much as the Chromecast. This might be a deciding factor, if your TV doesn’t offer 4K resolution, then choosing the cheaper Chromecast will make more sense. However, if you would like the image clarity and vivid colors that come with 4K, and your TV  is compatible with 4K, then you may want to choose the Ultra.

4K: this is the main difference between the two devices. 4K is UHD (ultra high definition) video. The Chromecast Ultra’s output stream video at 3,840 by 2,160 resolution, while the Chromecast streams video at 1,920 by 1,080. The Ultra offers more pixels than the Chromecast, which makes the pictures more detailed and colorful.

Plus, the Chromecast supports HDR video. This adds more pixels to the images, and the pixels are wider and increase the range of colors and light output. For TVs that have 4K, the images make you feel like you’re right there—they’re literally stunning.

Ethernet: if you’d like an even faster, stronger network connection, then the Chromecast Ultra includes an ethernet adapter. This lets you connect the device directly to your modem or router. While streaming works great with a strong signal, a wired connection gives you a better signal and more speed. The Chromecast does not offer an ethernet connection—it only allows for a WiFi network connection.

Increased power: the Chromecast Ultra is faster than the Chromecast. This may be noticeable for some people and is essential if you have a 4K TV. On the other hand, if “faster” isn’t so important, then the Chromecast will do just as well.

Which Chromecast is Best for You?

As mentioned earlier, the device you choose will depend on the TV you have. For instance, if you don’t have a TV that supports 4K, then the Chromecast will be the best device for you. Plus, if you don’t subscribe to 4K content, and don’t mind the lower resolution videos, then the Chromecast is best for you. Plus, it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Chromecast Ultra.

On the other hand, if your TV does support 4K, then you the Chromecast Ultra may be the better device for you. Especially if higher resolution videos are important to you and your subscription services offer 4K streaming. Keep in mind you’ll need a broadband connection that’s fast and reliable to truly enjoy all the Chromecast Ultra has to offer.

Is it time to upgrade if you already have the Chromecast? Only if you have a 4K TV and 4K streaming services. Otherwise you’re better off staying with the Chromecast. However, if you’ve upgraded your TV, maybe it’s time to upgrade your Chromecast, too. That way you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality images on your new TV!

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