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Pixie’s Augmented Reality Tracker Review

Pixie's Augmented Reality Review

How often has it happened that you have kept something safely, but when you need to look for it, you cannot remember your “safe” place?

Yes, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all done that. What we initially consider the best place to keep our valuables, later seems like a curse when we are running late. According to a ‘lost and found’ study regulated by the Pixie key tracker, the average American spends $2.7 billion annually in replacement costs. If you think that this is the worst part, then you are certainly here for a surprise. After having spent so much, Americans are most likely to find the lost item after some time. This is why you must learn about the Pixie key finder. With the Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker, there is no way that you will lose anything ever again.

According to the complete list published by the Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker, research shows that the most misplaced item in an American household is the TV remote. Do you remember the time when you were fighting with your siblings over the TV remote but suddenly lost the remote and couldn’t find it? Yes, you can now solve that with the Pixie key finder that helps you to instantly trace any lost item from your iPhone. Following the TV remote, the most misplaced thing is your mobile phone, your house keys, your car keys, your spectacles, and your shoes. However, the TV remote was a shocking winner, with 71% of Americans losing it at least once a month. What you need is the Pixie key tracker.

Lost and Found: The Average American Spends 2.5 Days Each Year Looking For Lost Items Collectively Costing U.S. Households $2.7 Billion Annually in Replacement Costs.

By now, you must be wondering what makes the Pixie key tracker different from other Bluetooth trackers. Continue reading ahead to know more about the functions of the Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker. With these details about the Pixie key finder, there is a complete guarantee that you will make a smart purchase.

What is the Pixie Augmented reality tracker? 

The Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker is the best app for finding lost stuff. Since we noticed that almost all of us were getting late for important meetings because we couldn’t find basic items such as our car keys, shoes, and glasses, we decided to launch the Pixie Augmented reality tracker. Essentially, it is an application that you can download on your iPhone and follow and lose items. Imagine how incredible it must feel when you have lost a thing and you can trace it on your mobile. Yes, we have made this dream an actuality with this app.

The Pixie Augmented reality tracker is a set of two tags that you can buy online right now. You place one tag on the item that you wish to track while the other tag is for your iPhone. Since the Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker uses wireless technology to connect the two tags, they form an instant connection. Thus, your tags may be in different rooms, but you can still locate the other one. When compared to other tracking methods, the Pixie Augmented reality Bluetooth tracker is considered the best app for finding lost stuff.

Who should use the Pixie Augmented reality Bluetooth tracker?

Another trending question we often find is who should use the Pixie Augmented reality Bluetooth tracker. Let us first delve deeper into the battle of the sexes and find out who is more likely to lose an item. To begin with, psychology proves that ladies are better at locating things. This is why husbands across the globe are dependent on their wives to find the car keys, shoes, and glasses. However, this does not prove any fact regarding women not losing items. A shocking revelation made during this study by the Pixie Augmented reality tracker was the high proportion of Millennials losing their phones. Thus, we can safely conclude that everyone needs to use the Pixie AR Bluetooth tracker.

There is no particular reason why we lose things. While some of us misplace items because we were not paying attention, some of us have too many things going on in our lives. Multitasking is one of the biggest reasons why you forget your items. Remember the time when you were getting late to the office but that is exactly when your car keys decided to play, hide and seek? Yes, it was your stress that caught you at the moment! Thus, with the help of the Pixie Wireless Tracker, you can easily track items instantly. Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. Irrespective of your age and sec, you must believe in Pixie Dust!

How does the Pixie Dust app work? 

The Pixie Dust product is a set of two tags that you can buy online. Since the Pixie Wireless Tracker works on the Bluetooth system, the two tags connect. When there is a connection, your phone’s Pixie app shows you a guided map towards the product. The Bluetooth connection helps you to trace any item you want. While car keys are amongst the most lost items in any American household, 20% of the population is likely to lose their wallets and purses while,  45% of people tend to lose their T.V remotes at least once a week. Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone.

The Pixie Dust lost and found tracker is available at a very affordable price. When you download the app on your phone, you get a mapped route to your lost item. What you need to do is hold up your phone with the Pixie Wireless Tracker app. It will scan your surroundings and detect your lost item. The best part about the app is that it can easily scan through walls. Thus, you will not have to run around the house looking for your lost keys. Your phone will detect the item and show you the direction where you need to go. Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone.

How does the Pixie app show a guided map?

The Pixie key finder uses Pixie GPS services to present you with a guided and mapped tour to your item. When you stand at a particular point in the room, Pixie Dust uses the location services on your device to trace the lost item. The Bluetooth tags form a connection, and the tracker uses this connection to help you reach the item. Pixie is rated as the number one lost and found tracker across many countries.

The Pixie key finder shows you the right direction where you need to go. Then, it shows you the distance in feet and inches. As you move closer to your lost item, the distance shortens. On the other hand, if you move in the wrong direction, the distance between you and the lost item increases. Thus, you will know whether you are moving in the right direction. Pixie GPS services are one of the best and leading technologies in the industry right now. Moreover, other tracker apps only give a loud alert to help you track an item. But Pixie Dust is very different.

The Pixie Dust lost and found tracker has an alarm as well as a mapped route. This is very helpful for you when you are getting late. Imagine a situation when you are already late to your child’s school for a parent-teacher meeting. You cannot find your glasses. Moreover, your tracker app is only playing a loud sound. First, you cannot see properly. Second, you need to follow a remote sound somewhere in your house. Well, it all adds up to be more stressful than helpful.

Pixie GPS services are incredibly swift and accurate. You can now listen to the beep and also scan your surroundings! But, what about the battery? Keep reading ahead to know more.

How do you charge the Pixie Dust tags?

If you have been losing your valuables frequently, then what leads you to believe that you will keep the Pixie Dust charger carefully? Yes, we understand that you will end up losing it sooner or later. Thus, the Pixie Bluetooth tracker comes with a long-lasting battery life. You do not need to worry about putting it to charge multiple times. Additionally, the item has a 12 months’ warranty period. So, you can easily contact the customer care team in case of any queries. That reminds me, how is customer care? Find out ahead in the last section of this article.

How is the Pixie Dust customer care?

Last but not least, the Pixie Bluetooth tracker customer care is exceptional. You can contact the team online in case of a query. You will receive a helpful reply shortly with the most accurate answers to all your questions. Thus, if you are forgetful or don’t know what to gift your loved one this festive season, then the Pixie Bluetooth tracker is the best thing for you.

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