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How To Find Your Lost Keys With Pixie?

Find Lost Keys with Pixie

Are you one of those absent-minded people who loses their keys very often? Well, then Pixie has got you covered. There are a lot of times when we all wished for one magical thing that could help us find what we need.

After much research and seeing the high demand, Pixie is here with its new invention that is Pixie Bluetooth Tracker.

Can’t Find Your Lost Keys? The New Pixie Augmented Reality Finder Helps You Keep Track of Your Things

What is Pixie Tracker?

Pixie Bluetooth tracker transforms your device into a finder and shows you where you got your things. Pixie dust looks like magic and lets you quickly see the position of your missing keys, remotes, and more even through walls. Pixie is the only tracking solution that tells you where your object is hidden, and within an inch gets you there.

Pixie has an inbuilt lost & found tracker feature. Instead of using traditional Bluetooth trackers based on sound, Pixie uses visual data and audio indications to provide a more accurate position of a lost item. With a range of 150 feet outdoors and up to 50 feet indoors, the Pixie device and fob can locate each other through furniture and walls. Pixie is the best app for finding the lost stuff.

Let’s be honest, if we had a nickel everything we lost our phone, we all be rich today. So, to ensure you don’t lose your mobile again, Pixie Point can help you find a lost smartphone with a dead battery by logging into another device’s Pixie app.

The pixie tracker will float over an augmented area of pixie dust, which is related to the exact location of the lost item. As users get closer, the pixie tracker grows in size and enables the pixies lost & found tracker feature, and once the users are within five feet of the item, the audio signals kick in on the lost item from the pixie tracker.

Pixie lost and find trackers feature is straightforward you put a tracker on your keychain, and you use your phone to ring out the tracker. Pixie has been using Augmented Reality to help you find lost items using an iOS app.

The Pixies are smaller than Tiles, making them better to fit into the pocket or stick to a laptop or tablet. They are waterproof as well. The Pixies come with an adhesive backer allowing you to attach them to a surface or inside the keychain fob included. Pixie is particularly handy, unlike other Bluetooth trackers, for the system to work, you need to have a Pixie attached to your phone, as all of the Pixie networks with each other to help you find your lost items. Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff, So Choose best tracker

Pixie Location-of-Things Technology uses signals, allowing the Pixie points to communicate with each other. Allowing the Pixie points to speak to each other is what helps to give your missing item-specific distance directions. Pixie offers a high search range, indoors 30-50 ft. And outdoors up to 100 ft.

How does Pixie Tracker work?

  1. To use Pixie, you need to tap on the app, and an augmented reality screen will pop up.
  2. You are required to hold your iPhone and turn back in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
  3. Pixie overlays a shimmering group of dots over the position of the item, which the known as pixie
  4. When you move closer to the pixie dust, the device changes to a compass-like pointer, and then as you get closer, it transforms into a metal detector, and the lost & found tracker helps you to find your lost items.

The app has the arc tracking feature which switches to pointer mode as you move in the direction of the item, a real-time compass that will guide you in the right way. The app switches to “metal detector” mode once you’re within five feet, which offers audible beeps that get more intense as you hone on the lost item.

The arc tracking feature of the app measures 1.9 inches tall and 1.4 inches wide, Pixie Points are roughly the same size as previous Bluetooth trackers for lost items, but smaller at only 0.1 inches, still sufficiently thick to be visible when connected to most products.

The Bluetooth Tracker with Pixie Augmented Reality is very easy to use. So it can be used even by teenagers. You get a complimentary iPhone case with it when you purchase the Pixie tracker online, which helps you to add it to your phone quickly. The initial phase of setup is direct, and you don’t have to do anything too technical. Then comes the part of the monitoring.

You need to hold up your phone like a scanner when you’ve missed an object and want to track it with your lost and found the app. You can search your surroundings through a camera on the smartphone. You’ll sound like you’re doing a panorama on your phone in simple words, or you’re playing Pokemon Go. If you see everything on the screen around you, then your Pixie tracker will tell you which direction to go in. Pixie’s GPS tracker will scan through walls so you have a complete guarantee that your missing keys will be found in no time.

How does the Bluetooth Pixie tracker help you find your missing car keys?

Pixie finds from your phone your lost valuables. You don’t need to run helter-skelter or ask for help from anyone else. That makes you independent, and you feel responsible for the things you do. If you’re someone who’s always been too reliant on others, then it’s time to buy the Bluetooth tracker from Pixie Technology. So, how does the app draw a map on your phone that takes you to the things you lost?

Since you have a tag attached to your phone and the other card is attached to the object you lost, you can use the Bluetooth technology to connect the two tags. Your phone will then show you a full step-by-step guide on where your missing object is. The distance in feet and inches will show on your phone. Furthermore, if you hold up your phone to search the room, your phone will detect where the item is. Imagine being under a pile of books, your lost car keys. The Pixie scanner & GPS tracker feature of this app will scan through book collection, even without having to pick it up. Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff. We advice you to read more about The Honest Truth About the Pixie Finder

Special Features:

  • The Pixie tracker app has a 12-month battery life and comes with a one year warranty. It means that nothing will likely happen to your tracker within a year of buying it.
  • Both audio and video services are available at the Pixie app. There’s double help monitoring all of your things. You will instantly find your items using the Pixie map on your screen.
  • The Pixie app will give you instant search results; it will find your lost things immediately within 5-10 seconds.

How is Pixie Tracker the best?

We sometimes waste time searching for things as we don’t know where we left it last. There are numerous situations where you will need Pixie tracker’s help. And more often than you can imagine, you will be using it to find your lost car keys.

Pixie tracker is a device powered by Bluetooth, which helps you find any lost item. While the car keys are a simple example, the Pixie tracker can be used for several things like your phone, any important document, any box, etc.

The Pixie GPS tracker & arc tracking is one of the most reliable tracking features. It helps track a vast array of things. Do you wonder how a tag would help you find your lost items, though? The critical point here is that it is activated for Bluetooth. This is why the Pixie tracker allows you to track almost anything. Now, let’s dive into the working mechanism principle without further distractions.

You get 2 Pixie tracker tags package. The high-tech Pixie tracker lets you keep one card for use with your phone while the other one is attached to the object you want to watch. If you misplace something at home, then all you need to do is use the tag you’ve got. With your phone, it will guide you, and give the object your directions. The handheld monitor is outstanding and shows you the exact distance in feet and inches between the target and you. You no longer have to worry about losing your lost items wherever you go. Although there are several Bluetooth trackers on the market, the Pixie tracker utilizes state-of-the-art and advanced technology to improve its accuracy.

Pixie tracker is one of the most pocket-friendly items, without a doubt. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, and without our smartphones, laptops, and music stations, we can’t imagine a day. Pixie is an innovative idea designed to help save time and money for everyone. Pixie Dust tracker ensures authenticity and smooth functioning.

The lithium batteries are already in the package, and the only thing you need to do is to add one tag to your phone while the other goes on to the object.

So, why waste time in finding the things in your lost drawer, when you can just Pixie it!

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