TikTok: What Does ‘Munanyo’ Mean?

TikTok: What Does ‘Munanyo’ Mean?

One of the most popular platforms right now for young people is TikTok. Ever since lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending hours on this video app, watching the latest trends and having a laugh. It started off as Muscial.ly but it is not a lot bigger and everyone has heard of the platform. In fact, it would be hard to find someone that has not watched at least one TikTok video!

Just like anything on the internet, there are different trends that go around and this happens all the time on TikTok. The latest trend is saying ‘munanyo’ and it is causing a lot of confusion. Have you heard of this trend before? Do you know what it means? If the answer is no to these questions, do not worry. You are in the right place.

So, let’s take a closer look at munanyo and what it means, as well as how it can be used on TikTok.

What does Munanyo Mean?

You may think that you are the only person in the world that does not know what munanyo means. But, do not worry. There has actually been a lot of confusion about this word by other people on the internet. This includes people that use TikTok a lot. So, you are definitely not alone on this one.


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♬ original sound – Ariel Vargas


First of all, there is a specified munanyo hashtag on the videos-sharing app. This means that it is definitely a popular trend that is going around. In fact, there are over 590 million views on that hashtag. So, you know that it is supposed to be a good and entertaining trend. Well, perhaps this is for younger people!

One thing that we have noticed straight away is that all of the videos using the word ‘munanyo’ are saying it with a high-pitched voice. It is almost like it is a catchphrase with a meaning. Interesting, this work can be spelled two ways on the app depending on who is using it. For example, you can see it appear as ‘munanyo’ or you can see it written as ‘muñaño’. This means that a lot of people assume it is Spanish due to the way it is spelled and how it sounds. But, if you type munanyo into Google Translate, you do not get any results back.

Since there are so many videos on munanyo, it has been difficult to find the original video that started the whole trend. However, we believe that we have narrowed it down. There is a TikTok star called @jaykindafunny8 that appears to label himself as ‘CEO of Chupapi Muñañyo’ in his bio. His videos all consist of him saying this word in a high-pitched voice and his videos have millions of views each. In fact, overall, he has over 274.5 million likes and 15.5 million followers.


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♬ original sound – Twinflux


Therefore, this seems to be where the word munanyo originates from. But, we have to admit, we are no further forward on what this word could mean. While the videos are thought to be entertaining, they do not explain what the word means or where it comes from.

Why is Everyone Saying Munanyo?

There is no doubt that everybody is obsessed with munanyo videos and they enjoy watching them. But, as for what the word means, we did not find out. So, you may be wondering, why is everyone saying munanyo then? Well, this is a good question. Sometimes, when things end up trending, people do not actually know what they are doing. They just know that they are supposed to be following the trend. So, it is likely that people are saying munanyo in their videos but do not know what it means either. They are simply doing it because it can get their videos views and it makes them appear in the cool group.

There is a lot of people that follow @jaykindafunny8 and love how he whispers ‘chupapi muñañyo’ into strangers’ ears. Again, his videos have millions of views and the comments say that the videos are hilarious and entertaining to watch. Indeed, a lot of people do not like how he is saying the words in their ears, whether they get a fright by the unwanted interaction or that they do not like what he is saying to them. So, it can be funny to see their reactions and how they chase or talk back to the TikTok star.

Again, because people are entertained by his TikTok star, they want to copy him. They know that he is very popular on the platform and he is probably making a lot of money from the videos he is making. Therefore, people are trying to replicate his videos themselves. As a trend, everyone wants to try it. It is also a competition to see who can shout this word the loudest in public, as well as how high-pitched you can make it sound when you say it out loud to people.


@jaykindafunny8 i love u man😂❤️ munanyo gangggg #fyp #munanyo #charboull #foryou #viral #lebanon #usa

♬ original sound – Jason Dirany


To Summarize

Therefore, if you were looking to find out what munanyo actually means, we are sorry to say that we cannot help you. There are not a lot of answers out there on the internet to help to explain what this means. But, what we can say is that munanyo is trending on TikTok. People find it entertaining and are watching videos featuring this word. In particular, people like @jaykindafunny8 and his videos. It appears that he may have started the trend according to what he has in his bio.

Thus, perhaps we should conclude that munanyo is a made-up word that is meant to sound funny. While it does sound like it is Spanish, nothing appears to come up when it is translated online. So, for now, you can assume that the word is not real and it does not actually have a meaning. It is just supposed to be amusing and used in funny situations. Perhaps with time, it will become obvious on TikTok if it does have a meaning.

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