Call Her Daddy: Who is Mr Sexy Zoom Man? Is He Real?

Call Her Daddy: Who is Mr Sexy Zoom Man? Is He Real?

Have you heard everybody talking about Mr Sex Zoom Man? Is this someone you know and a real person? Well, the chances are that if you have heard of Mr Sexy Zoom Man, you might have heard everyone talking about Call Her Daddy too. These two things are often talked about together, as well as Alex Cooper.

Well, in this post, we are going to try to explain who Mr Sex Zoom Man is. Indeed, he is a real person and it all comes from a podcast called Call Her Daddy. So, let’s cut to the chase and get started.

What is Call Her Daddy?

First of all, let’s start by looking at what is Call Her Daddy? After all, if you are not familiar with what this is, a lot of podcast is not going to make much sense! So, Call Her Daddy is a podcast that you can listen to wherever you are. It was created by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn and it has become very popular. It has been created episodes since 2018, as well as being distributed by Barstool Sports. As of 2020, it is only Alex Cooper who hosts the podcast. This came after a disagreement with the founder of Barstool, David Portnoy.

Call her Daddy is a podcast that is centered around uncensored stories and the hosts sharing their own experiences. In particular, Alex Cooper speaks a lot about sex and relationships, sharing things she has went through, as well as offering advice. Think about it as a podcast that centers on ‘girl talk’. Call Her Daddy remains one of the most popular podcasts available on Spotify.

Who is Mr Sexy Zoom Man?

Alex Cooper made it clear to her listeners that she was off the market. In other words, she had a boyfriend. Of course, she wanted to let everyone know and this is why there is an episode that is called ‘I HAVE A BOYFRIEND’. This title alone would make everyone click and listen since they wanted to know who she was dating. Indeed, her boyfriend was one of the two men she had talked about dating.

Thus, Alex Cooper was dating Mr Sexy Zoom Man. This is the person that she has spoken about several times and on different episodes. He was coming back from London and Alex Cooper decided that it was time to make it official. She picked him up from the airport and even presented him with a sign. It said, ‘Mr …, A.K.A my boyfriend’.

But, this story does have some bad news. Alex Cooper may have shared the excitement that she felt with her listeners and confirmed that she is dating Mr Sexy Zoom Man. But, she has not gone into more detail. In other words, Alex Cooper is not letting the world know his real identity or more about him. There are probably a number of reasons for this. For example, it could be to protect him and his business, as well as because she wants to enjoy some privacy. No matter what the reason is, it is safe to say that Mr Sexy Zoom Man is likely to remain his name for the near future.

Who Has Alex Cooper Dated? 

Despite being such a prominent person on the internet, Alex Cooper and her dating life is not as public as you would think. In fact, when you try to learn about the men she has dated in the past, it is quite difficult. One of the only people we know that Alex Cooper has dated is a professional athlete. In particular, she dated Noah Syndergaard who was a New York Mets pitcher. It is thought that they had an on and off relationship for around two years from 2015 to 2017.

It is natural that a lot of people would think that Mr Sexy Zoom Man could be Noah Syndergaard. But, this is very unlikely. She has said that she met Mr Sexy Zoom Man in a business meeting. So, this is likely to be his line of work.

To Summarize

Call Her Daddy is a popular podcast that a lot of people have heard of. It is a tell-all type of podcast that is going to focus on girl talk. In particular, the hosts are willing to share uncensored stories and approach topics that not a lot of podcasts would. Of course, this is why people tune in for new episodes. In particular, people like Alexandra Cooper and how honest she is on the podcast.

One thing that they do talk about on Call Her Daddy is their love life. They enjoy sharing stories about people they are dating. But, to protect their partners, as well as enjoy some privacy to their dating life, they do not name the people they are seeing. Instead, they have fun nicknames. The latest one everyone is interested in is Mr Sexy Zoom Man.

Mr Sexy Zoom Man appears to be the boyfriend of Alexandra Cooper now. She has said that they are official and are dating. But, his identity has still not been revealed. The information that listeners known about him is limited. This definitely makes people curious and want to try to work out who he is in real life.

But, if you are hoping that we have exclusive news and are going to reveal who Alexandra Cooper is dating, we hate to disappoint you. Unfortunately, we also do not know who Mr Sexy Zoom Man is. We are all left to speculate until she shares the details herself. However, it is important to note that Alexandra Cooper might never share who Mr Sexy Zoom Man is. While she is a public figure, she may choose to keep this information private. This is something that listeners will have to respect.

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