Twitter: Who is Slim Santana ‘Buss It Challenge Too Far’

Twitter: Who is Slim Santana ‘Buss It Challenge Too Far’

It is normal for new and exciting challenges to emerge on social media. After all, there are a lot of people online and this can bring entertainment. But, it is also possible for challenges to go too far sometimes. Indeed, this is the latest thing that has happened with Slim Santana. If you are not familiar with what has happened, she is known for taking the Buss It Challenge too far.

Are you not familiar with the Buss It Challenge and want to keep up with the latest scandals? Let’s take a closer look at what has happened with Slim Santana.

What is the Buss It Challenge?

First of all, you are going to want to know what the Buss It Challenge is if you have not already seen it. As you will know there are a lot of trends and challenges that take over TikTok. After all, that is the point of the app and why everyone enjoys it. For example, popular challenges include the Don’t Rush Challenge and the Savage Challenge. Now, you are going to find that everyone is loving taking part in the Buss It Challenge.

So, let’s take a look at the challenge. It is going to involve using the song called ‘Buss It’ by Erica Banks. This is a song that is catchy and a lot of people like. For the challenge, it is all about having fun and showing off. People will have to choose two different outfits, as well as try out some twerking. But, do not worry. This one is all about having fun and it should not be taken too seriously. So many people are already loving this challenge and it has also meant that celebrities are taking part.

To go into more detail about the challenge, you will need to first dress in your regular clothes. These should be casual and not a lot of effort. A lot of people choose to wear sweatpants. Then, for your second outfit, you are going to choose something that allows you to look good and as if you have dressed up. During the regular clothes part of the video, the popular song called ‘hot in Here’ by Nelly will play. Then, participants will drop down into a twerk and this is when ‘Buss It’ by Erica Banks will play.

The Buss It Challenge first started in January 2021 and people are still enjoying watching and creating their own videos today. It is believed that a user called Erika Davila started this challenge on TikTok.

Did the Buss It Challenge Go Too Far?

Things on the internet spread very quickly. Of course, this is called going viral. That is exactly what happened when Yannahxney reposted a video on TikTok. Her Tiktok account was first opened in January 2020. Indeed, she had a good following of 130,000. She was able to gain this audience in just one year. A lot of people want to become famous on the internet. So, it is likely that she did too. However, perhaps she was not expecting it to happen in this way.

She posted a video on 25th January 2021 and this was one that got a lot of views and fast. In particular, she wrote about this video: ‘shawty snapped with this challenge’. Indeed, the normal challenge is all about going from casual to fancy and showing your glow up. But, this video was one that took it a step too far. In particular, the girl in the video goes from wearing a bathrobe to wearing nothing. While this could be graphic enough for some people, it also shows the girl engaging in intercourse.

It is important to realize that it is not Yannahxney in the video. She has confirmed that it is not her and she was simply reposting it. Of course, since this goes too far with the trend, this is why a lot of people talk about it. The person in this video is called Slim Santana.

Who is Slim Santana?

Slim Santana is the woman everybody is talking about in the video. Namely, she has over 1 million views on her TikTok. Slim Santana also posts content on Twitter, as well as having an OnlyFans page. Her name on this platform is @slimothyjames. The real name of Slim Santana is not known. But there are some details that are available. Namely, she is 28 years old and is from the United States. Her ethnicity is also African American.

To Summarize

When something controversial happens on social media, you know that a lot of people are going to find out. Indeed, Slim Santana has made a name for herself and now everybody is going to know her. In particular, her Buss It Challenge is very different from everybody else’s out there on the internet!

The Buss It Challenge has been going around for a while now and it is popular. People love to see a glow up and it can be fun to see how other individuals can surprise you. The purpose of this challenge is to start out casual and then show yourself dressed up.

It is fair to say that Slim Santana might have gone too far with her rendition of the Buss It Challenge. She decided to make it explicit and this is not really something that people wanted to see. Indeed, it was not the intention of the challenge. This has certainly got people talking about her. There is not a lot of information known about Slim Santana and what you see is what you get. But, after this latest video, it is likely that people are going to follow and get to know her after this.

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