Charles and Alyssa Net Worth – How Can They Afford a $5 Million House?

Charles and Alyssa Net Worth – How Can They Afford a $5 Million House?

Have you heard of the rising stars on YouTube, Charles and Alyssa? They are a power couple on the platform that have recently made headlines by moving into a $5 million house. Since this is a lot of money, people wonder how they have managed to afford this type of house as a young, let’s take a closer look at Charles and Alyssa and how they are going from strength to strength on the platform.

Who are Charles and Alyssa?

First of all, let’s learn a little bit more about Charles and Alyssa and exactly who they are. A lot of people will recognize Charles Davis from Ex on the Beach. This was a popular show that aired on MTV. We know that Charles David is 28 years old and he was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, he has lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is quite private when it comes to his family life. WE know that he has a sister. But, he does not show his parents or other family members through his YouTube channel.

Then we have Alyssa Hyde, which is his girlfriend. She was born in Wisconsin and is slightly younger than Charles. She was born in April 1996, which makes her 25 years old. Again, like her boyfriend, Alyssa does not talk a lot about her family. We know that she has a brother called Spencer. But, she does not talk about her other family members or parents.


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They are a much-loved couple on YouTube and they have been together for around two years. Unlike other couples on the platform, they show no signs of breaking up anytime soon. They are young and while they are not engaged, perhaps a wedding will be on the cards in the future.

Interestingly, they did not start a couple’s YouTube channel to begin with. It all started with Charles Davis and he had a comedy channel on the platform. This was something that he enjoyed with his friend called Dom. But, when Charles met his girlfriend, they decided to start their own couple’s account. This is called Charles & Alyssa Forever. On the channel, they film a range of different videos. For example, they record their everyday lives in vlogs. They also record videos that are pranks and challenges, as well as doing some reaction videos.

How Do They Make Their Money?

It is not easy to afford a $5 million house. This is a lot of money and it can make you say; how can they afford it? Can you really make that kind of money from YouTube? The answer is yes, this is a platform that is proving you can make a lot of money if you get brand deals and a lot of views.

Charles & Alyssa Forever is a channel that is popular and growing. They currently have 1.72 million subscribers and some of their videos have millions of views. This means that they are making a lot of money from their videos, as well as from featuring brands in their videos. It is estimated that the couple get around 200,000 views per day. This comes from people all over the world. There are a range of ways they can make money from YouTube. Of course, there are views. But, there are also ads that appear on the videos. They will get a rate from YouTube depending on how many people watch the adverts and depending on the type of advert that is featured.

But, it is believed that their YouTube is not the only source of income for Charles and Alyssa. There is a lot of talk of the couple making money in other ways. However, it is not clear how. Perhaps Charles and Alyssa have other jobs that they do not speak about, as well as other partnerships that go on behind the scenes.

Charles and Alyssa are believed to have a large net worth that stands at $500,000. In other words, they have some money and this would allow them to splash out on a house. In particular, they could give a big deposit in order to get a property that they like.

What is the House Like?

The house is currently unfurnished and they are started from scratch with the design. But, it is obvious that the property has a modern design that will suit the couple well. For example, we know that the kitchen has an all-black design. It is clear that there is going to be a lot of space in this house for the young couple and they are going to be able to make it their own. We know that there are several bathrooms, as well as cool sky lights.

They have not done a complete and extensive official house tour video yet so it is likely that fans will see more of the home in the future. The video they did upload did not show all of the details or what they are going to be doing with it. But, Charles and Alyssa did say that they are very excited about moving into the new home and they have a lot of cool ideas for the space to make it their own.

To Summarize

It is believed that Charles and Alyssa have a net worth of $500,000. They are very popular on YouTube and have almost two million subscribers. This is going to be a milestone that they reach soon. Their YouTube channel, as well as other endeavors outside of the platform have meant that they can afford a $5 million house. They are growing every day and this all helps to raise the cash they have for a large home. This is something that has been exciting for them and it has been revealed on their channel. However, viewers have not yet seen it all finished and furnished. This is something that is going to be expected in the coming months.

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