How to Create a Great Youtube Intro for your Channel

How to Create a Great Youtube Intro for your Channel

The intro to your channel is one of the most important parts of creating a YouTube channel that speaks to your audience and grows your social media marketing. Yet, it is also one of the most intimidating videos you’ll ever create! Here’s our top tips on making a compelling, captivating YouTube Channel intro. You can try this video intro maker to create custom videos without needing expensive software or lots of training.

Keep it Short and Sweet

First up, this is an introduction, but save the life story! The idea is to create a short video that will hook watchers into enjoying the rest of your videos. Attention spans can be limited, so don’t overwhelm people with too much out of the gate. 10 second intros are advised. Keep these clear- don’t spam the screen with text to try and cram everything in.

Stay On-Brand

Your intro should showcase the best of your channel, so make sure it’s also on-brand and gives a true sense of what viewers can expect from watching your videos. This includes using similar themes, developing your brand through color and imagery, and keeping the content style consistent. You may even want to use similar stock footage across your content.

Adapt and Update

Even the very first YouTube introduction movie you upload should be creative and speak to your audience, but don’t be afraid to update with time, too. In fact, fresh content will make your channel look alive and vibrant, and help to draw in subscribers. Focus initially on creating a message that will speak to the audience you hope to attract. As time goes on and you build up your content base consistently, let the intro video also evolve.

Include A CTA

A Call-To-Action, or CTA, is one of the most important parts of any content video. This helps move the watcher from mere content consumer into the person your channel needs. This could be a subscriber, a customer, or someone proceeding further down your sales funnel. You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so make sure to include those CTAs! This isn’t the time to be shy. 

Be Friendly

No matter the purpose of your channel, or the theme of the content you’re covering, people respond to friendly, open introductions. Treat the viewer as an old friend, and make them feel welcome. If you use a catchphrase already, add it to your intro. Don’t have one yet? Don’t sweat it- remember, you can update with time as your channel truly develops its own personality. 

More Than Video

Remember that your YouTube Intro is about more than just video images. We touched briefly on the music above. You also have animation, text, font, color, title cards, photo montages, graphics, art, and so much more you can use to create a cohesive and instantly-recognizable brand identity. Stand out from the crowd by creating a unique blend of items that help stamp your brand on every video.  

Creating a strong and compelling YouTube intro will help you make the most of your channel, so be sure to plan this critical part of your branding out well. 

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