How to find someone’s Instagram account by phone number

How to find someone’s Instagram account by phone number

If you are not aware of how to view private Instagram profiles then read ahead to know that it is quite easy to find someone’s Instagram account by their phone number, easier than most of us think. Normally, the safest and quickest way to look for some on Instagram is to search for their username using the search bar.

However, not everyone uses their given name for their account. Even if they do, there is a sea of names just like theirs and therefore it becomes difficult to search for the person with their name. The good news is that Instagram encourages people to link their phone numbers to their account during registration. Because of this, you can easily find your friend or any other person.

Before you start

In reality, you can only find the Instagram accounts of peoples’ contacts saved in your phonebook. Without the person’s saved contact, this mission is a no go. It is important for you to note that while linking your phone number to your Instagram account is allowed, not everyone does so.

People may want to keep their contact information private for many reasons, ranging from security to personal decisions. If the person you are searching for has not done so, you will not be able to find him or her. Also, it is imperative that the contact of the person on your phone matches the linked contact to Instagram.

People change their phone numbers often. This may mean that phone number you currently have is an old one and the person could have updated their contact information in Instagram’s settings with a new one.


How to find someone’s Instagram account by phone number

To help make things easier, this method has been broken down into 8 simple steps.

Step 1: Make sure you have saved the person’s contact in your phonebook. Remember that this is by far the most important step.

Step 2: Open your Instagram app. You might be using Instagram web but this process requires that you have the mobile application to make this as smooth as possible. Just go to the App store or the play store to download the Instagram app. After that, login to your account using your username and password. If you already have the app, then you can proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Tap on your profile page. The page can be located at the bottom of the app, one the far right.

Step 4: Right next to the plus sign at the top right corner is a menu bar made of three horizontal lines, also known as the hamburger icon. Make sure to tap on it.

Step 5: On the menu, tap on the last but one option, that is Discover people. A page will open up.


Step 6: On the new page, select connect contacts

Step 7: A smaller popup menu with two options will appear. Select allow access. Instagram will show a notification asking you for permission to access your contacts. Press ok. You contacts will be synced and securely stored on Instagram’s servers.

Step 8: After allowing access to your contacts, all the Instagram accounts of the contacts you have saved in your phonebook will appear in the contact section under the Discover people. You can now search for the person and follow him or her.

You might not see the person’s account if the number is not linked to the account. They might have also blocked you on Instagram or the person may not even possess an Instagram account.


What to do if you cannot find the person’s Instagram account by phone number

If you urgently need to find the person’s Instagram account but cannot remember the username, the most logical way is to ask the person directly. This is the easiest thing to do unless, of course, you do not want the person to know.

The two of you may have some mutual friends, therefore you can ask them for it. They may already be following the person.

The following are other methods you can try if the option of asking anyone is out

Search a mutual friend’s followers or following: You can open a mutual friend’s Instagram profile, tap on their followers or following and search for the person. This could prove to be a tedious task but if it’s urgent, it is definitely worth it. You can search by trying the person’s name or searching through the list provided under the followers or following section.

Facebook: Also, you can connect your Facebook friends to your Instagram account. You may know the person’s Facebook name. Connect your Facebook through discover people. Login to your Facebook account and allow Facebook access to your Instagram. A list of all your friends will appear. Search for the person and follow.

All the above helps to find the person without the contact, but what is the person is somewhat a stranger to you? How do you go about it? The answer is Google.

Google: The search engine incorporates people’s information from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Search for the person’s full name and you might just find some information to lead you to the Ig account. If you are able to find the person’s email, you can search for it in Facebook, send a friend request and link your Facebook to you Ig. As long as your request is accepted, your chance of finding the person is high.



Searching for someone’s Instagram account by phone number is effective, especially if you don’t have or cannot remember the person’s username. You don’t want to be spending hours of time trying to conjure possible usernames of the person. That can be pretty exhausting.

As helpful as finding someone’s contact by his or her phone number is, it can potentially lead to a dead end as people can change their number without updating their account. Linking your phone number to your Instagram account is also not a requirement to use the App. If you find yourself at a dead end after this method, try the other ways you can find the person.

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