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Top 5 Quietest Leaf Blowers

Top 5 Quietest Leaf Blowers
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Any homeowner with a yard will tell you what an essential piece of kit a leaf blower is. Whether you have a backyard, a patio, or just a sidewalk outside your home, you will know all about fallen leaves during the fall and winter. Raking these leaves is time consuming and boring, right? Well, that’s what a leaf blower is for. These garden appliances make short work of fallen leaves, allowing you to clean your outside space in no time at all. Within an hour those annoying, slippery, and dirty leaves will be quite literally blown away.

It’s not just leaves blowers handle. Sand, snow, dust, and other types of debris are all fair game for a leaf blower. That all sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch?

Unfortunately, most leaf blowers are noisy… I mean very noisy. Most of us have probably been woken up to the sound of a leaf blower at least once. Strong whirring echoing around your bedroom makes it sound like someone is digging up the street outside your window. The good news is it does not have to be this way. There are some quiet leaf blowers on the market, and here are some of the best:

Sun Joe SBJ597E


One of the best ways to reduce noise when leaf blowing is to opt for an electric blower over a gas engine model. And the pick of the quiet electric leaf blower bunch is the Sun Jose SBJ597E. This handy appliance offers 6 Amps of power, which basically means its more than enough to handle even the most stubborn of leaves. Sure, that seems like a small motor, but with a maximum air pushing speed of 155 miles per hour (max 13,500 RPM), you won’t need to worry about this machine. Of course, while that performance is more than enough for home use, this is not a commercial blower. If you need something for heavy-duty cleaning, it’s best to look elsewhere. However, for the home, this is the best quiet blower available.

It comes with a variety of nozzles and admittedly fitting these can be a hassle. Speaking of which, the Sun Jose SBJ597E requires some assembly before you can use it.



Another electric leaf blower, the WORX WG520 is even more compact and lightweight than the Sun Joe. It can be used one-handed but never compromises on its cleaning ability. Capable of 600CFM at top speed, this is a fantastic unit for clearing larger spaces such as patios or yards. If you’re unfamiliar with CFM, it means cubic feet per minute. This measurement highlights how much air passes through the blower’s nozzle each minute. For an electric portable leaf blower, the WORX WG520 can cover a lot of ground.

It is not as outright powerful as the Sun Joe, with a top speed of 110 mph, meaning some stubborn leaves may take a bit longer to remove. Still, this is a small price to pay for how quiet this product is. People standing around 20 meters away should barely be able to hear the blower.



There’s no getting away from the fact that some people need a leaf blower for more industrial cleaning. For a commercial-grade blower, you can expect to pay a lot and to have a machine that produces a load of noise. The DEWALT DWBL700 is a leaf blower that aims to find a compromise. It is capable of commercial level blowing but reduces noise output significantly because it is battery operated. The result is something of a trade-off, but still probably the quietest leaf blower you can find if you need industrial cleaning.

DEWALT is one of the leading names in garden appliance and construction machinery, while the DWBL700 is capable of cleaning most electric blowers are not. That’s a polite way of saying this product is significantly more expensive than others on this list. It is also slightly louder because of that commercial cleaning capability, but impressive only 69 dBA. That’s just about equal to a person raising their voice.



What sets the LiTHELi apart is its stellar battery. As the name suggests, this blower uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This 2.5Ah power pack produces just 40v and claims to be 85% more efficient than other similar leaf blowers. Although, to get that kind of performance you will have to pay a lot for the expensive LiTHELi. Luckily, that outlay could be worth it because this is excellent at the leaf blowing stuff, too. On top of that, it has been specifically designed for low-noise output. With variable speeds up to 98 mph and a 480 CFM, the LiTHELi will handle just about any home blowing task you throw at it.

When running at low speeds, the product will purposely go into battery conservation mode, and reduce noise even further. As a bonus, the LiTHELi is also ultra-compact and easy to use.

EGO 550 CFM Leaf Blower


If you’re choosing a cordless leaf blower, battery life is obviously an important criterion. With that in mind, the EGO 550 CFM blower could be a wise investment thanks to its best-in-class battery performance. You can expect this product to run uninterrupted for around 1 hour and 30 minutes, while a Turbo mode allows you to get work done faster. It also packs in all the tech, variable speeds, and yes, quietness you expect from a modern blower. Because the EGO uses a brushless motor, it can produce less vibrations, making the product both easier to use and quieter. EGO also says this blower is weatherproof, meaning you can use it across all seasons and just about all conditions. Variable speeds allow dynamic coverage ranging from 250 CFM to 530 CFM, while top air speed is rated to 110 mph.


Thanks to advances in technology, leaf blowing does not need to be a noisy task, for you or your neighbors. Our top picks for the quietest leaf blowers don’t just deliver less noise. They also provide excellent performance, ease of use, and coverage.

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