The Hidden Play of Online Matchmakers

The Hidden Play of Online Matchmakers

These are platforms where we’ve come to love and find love, but how exactly do they find what we are looking for?

Here is an in-depth look at some of the most popular dating apps, their strengths, and their shortcomings.

1.     Tinder

Easily one of the most popular dating apps of our time, Tinder is a platform where you can find love, casual flings, and one-night stands. But what makes it the giant match-making app we know?


This platform is popularly known for introducing the swiping feature.

Machine learning algorithms identify a user’s particular patterns on the app and use this data to make decisions and predictions without extra programming. This VecTec algorithm pairs with artificial intelligence to recommend personalized matches.

Embedded vectors represent certain traits of the user, such as interests and hobbies. So if the system detects similarity between two vectors, it recommends them to each other. This technology allows the platform to continuously improve its performance the more people swipe and match.

Tinder can also customize your recommendations based on the words you use. This is achieved using the Word2Vec algorithm.

The algorithm identifies the communication style of the user, including dialects, slang, and words of context. As with the behavioral algorithms, Word2Vec will recommend users based on the similarity of their vectors.

The Are You Sure, AYS feature is a machine learning technology that automatically scans messages that are potentially offensive. It evaluates whether a user is simply being flirty or if they are a maniac.

If a controversial message is detected by the system, the platform asks the receiver for a confirmation of the offense. They also offer to direct the user to report the profile.

The Smart Photo feature increases your chances of a match by helping you pick the best photos for your profile. This is also made possible by a machine learning algorithm, Epsilon Greedy.

This feature automatically alternates a user’s profile photo to identify which ones perform best by getting the most right swipes. This algorithm improves the more you swipe and are swiped on.


While smart matching allows users to connect based on similarities, it can also have some disadvantages.

For starters, it promotes a system o clustering and classification on the platform, thus keeping away “less desirable” profiles. The most common example is racial bias on the platform. For instance, discrimination against Asian men and black women seems very common across dating platforms.

While the AYS is a safety feature, it might falter in some situations. For one, communication tends to change within individuals, and so does the sensibility.

While flirty language is often perceived as vulgar, it is often appreciated in the dating arena. So the algorithm might often flag flirty messages as offensive.

2.     Taimi

This is the largest online platform for the LGBTQ+ community. It features a social network, live stream service, and a dating community. What are some of its features that make it such a popular and reliable dating for the queer community?


While Taimi is an all-inclusive app for the queer community, it remains an exclusive platform. As such, the space is only open to LGBTQ+ individuals looking for love, friendships, or a networking platform.

It’s true that other dating apps are open to the queer community, but their platforms cannot be described as 100% safe. Please click to read more on the safety and privacy policy on Taimi.

The automated decision-making is a moderation effort that detects and eliminates non-compliant profiles, scammers, bots, and explicit images and texts. This process might result in an account being suspended or blocked.

This feature is also used as a matching algorithm to connect users on the platform. Please be advised that Taimi does not recommend profiles based on their ethnicity or race, religious beliefs, or political opinions.

The platform has recently upgraded its features to accommodate the ever-growing number of users on the app. The gift system is an appreciation feature that allows you to show affection or appreciation to fellow users. These gifts can also be sent via messages to express interest in a particular match.

As a live-streaming platform, Taimi introduced Versus Battles, a feature that allows holding friendly competitions. Viewers vote for their favorite streamer by sending them gifts. Recent upgrades offer an Invite button so users can challenge particular people and have more control over their audience.

This feature allows the community to express their opinions and share their talents with a larger audience.


While automated profiling makes it easier to make matches and moderate the platform, the algorithm is not perfect yet. As such, it is possible for compliant accounts to be flagged as security breaches.

The user experience is limited for the free accounts. Features such as search filters are restricted to premium users.

3.     Bumble

This dating platform is best known for its female-centric operations.


While it has features similar to those of other dating apps, there are certain differentiating aspects of the app. For instance, only women can initiate conversations. This makes it one of the safest and most female-friendly dating apps.

The matching algorithm on Bumble is based on the ELO rating system. The calculations are based on the number of people you swipe left and right on, as well as the number of people who swipe right and left on your profile. More right swipes directly indicate you’re an attractive person, whether it’s based on your personality, looks, hobbies, career, or any other factors. A high number of left swipes from you are interpreted as selective, so the algorithm deems you attractive.

Increased user engagement allows you to enjoy hidden perks such as discounted premiums and better-matched recommendations.


The app’s matching algorithm does not favor LGBTQ+ profiles. In addition, the platform does not offer many orientations or gender options.

The contact algorithm on Bumble does not allow male profiles to reach out first. Instead, only women can initiate conversations.


While there are plenty of active dating apps, not all offer the same user experience. What are some of the best features of your favorite dating app? Share your thoughts and views with us. We would love to hear from you!

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