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Best Bluetooth Trackers For Your Lost Items

best bluetooth trackers

Imagine yourself in a rush to get out of the house yet your phone is nowhere to be found. You’ll start feeling anxious while trying to turn your house upside down and the worst is that you’re already late for your appointment. Although this may not be the first time this has happened to you, the annoying feeling is still the same.

Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of people that’s why having a Bluetooth tracker can be a blessing. This device is more than just your regular key finder; thus, it can find any gadget that is Bluetooth connected.  There are a lot of lost & found trackers available in the market, but you should go for the one that suits you best.

If you’re planning on buying your tracker and the best app for finding lost stuff, go for the one that gives you the exact location or distance where the item is. Make sure that your tracker of choice has a feature that others don’t have.

What exactly is a Bluetooth Tracker?

A lot of people are looking into purchasing their own item tracker but not all of them knows what exactly do these devices do. Bluetooth trackers are small devices that helps you locate the important things you care about. Running late because of a missing car key is never an option once you have your own tracker. It’s like automatically telling the device to “find my keys” the minute they go on missing.

Losing your items whenever you are outdoors is also a lot less frantic since the chance of finding them is high. These devices give us more peace of mind than we could ever hope for.

Do you need to have your own Bluetooth Tracker?

If you’re like me who needs to look after a lot of items all at the same time yet tends to forget where I place them, then you really need to have your tracker. Having the option to easily recover significant items can be life-changing. Bluetooth trackers are a good investment for people who are always on the go, the elderly who might forget where he last placed his phone or for your kid who has a favorite toy. Other than being a key tracker, it can track a whole lot of items that your whole family deems significant.

  • Installing Bluetooth Trackers

The trackers are also good for all ages as they don’t require complicated installation. You can easily attach them to a device, sync with an app and you are good to go. This type of technology doesn’t take a genius to operate and even your kids will definitely enjoy the augmented tracking (ar tracking) technology that most Bluetooth Trackers are using.

  • The cost of Bluetooth Trackers

A lot of the trackers being sold are quite inexpensive, this is beneficial as most people wants to keep track of a lot of items. The usual price range is between $20-$40, you can order them in bulk and attack to multiple items.

Top 8 Best Bluetooth Trackers

We have done our fair share of research and based on the data, the following tops the list of the best Bluetooth trackers out there.

1. Tile Mate (2020)

Never underestimate small things; this is true for the Tile Mate 2020. This small tracking device comes with a powerful searching capability that others failed to measure with. What’s special about this is that it can definitely make your phone ring regardless if it’s put on silent mode.

The battery is guaranteed to last you a year and once it’s empty, you can easily replace it. The Tile Mate is definitely the most popular of all the Bluetooth trackers out there, it even has its own community of users that provide support and assistance to old and new customers.

Your possible reason for buying:

If you’re a traveler and yet have a problem with keeping track of important items, the Tile Mate can offer you a solution and a guaranteed peace of mind. It’s very easy to use and the fact that it’s so small makes it easier to place in your pockets and phones.


  • Just a little over 1 inch in size
  • Will make your phone ring
  • A well-bonded community that helps members


  • It has a limited searching range

2. Samsung SmartThings

This tracker allows you to set your own preset zone and when an item goes beyond that range, you will get an alert. This is best used for kids who tend to wander around or pets who keeps on jumping to the other side of the fence.

Take not that the Samsung SmartThings uses cellular network so you might want to check your phone’s LTE coverage. You can also easily this device by pressing the power button twice and you will receive a real-time location sharing. Another good opportunity to use this device is during an emergency situation.

Your Possible Reason for Buying:

This is the best tracker to purchase if you want one that can track your kids real-time. It’s also known to be very durable and will not easily get broken even if you accidentally splash water on it.


  • LTE coverage (wide range)
  • Reliable and durable
  • Automatic alerts once the item or the person is put of the preset zone
  • Includes 1-year data
  • Single charge is good for 10 days


  • Can’t be used on older models of Android phones

3. Honey Key Finder

If you are not fond of using a selfie stick, you might want to consider getting a Honey Key Finder. Aside from being a tracking device, you can easily connect it to the camera of your phone. Taking a group phot has never been easier with the help of this tracking device.

Your possible reason for buying:

It goes well and beyond its purpose of tracking items, this device helps you take cool selfies and group photos.


  • It has a replaceable battery
  • Wide range of 150”
  • It can control your phone’s camera


  • May be complicated to operate for some

4. Tile Pro

This can also be hooked to your camera thus protecting your photos and videos. You won’t have to think about losing your precious memories just in case your camera gets stolen. It also has the best range of all the Bluetooth Trackers on the market, with a range of 400 feet and the newer model boasts of twice the volume louder than the old one. Choose The Best Tracker Here..

Your Possible Reason for Buying:

This tracking device can fit even your pockets and its key ring will help in hooking it up safely. If you are looking for a tracker that is small enough yet very reliable by having the best searching range, you should go for the Tile Pro version.


  • Wide range – 400 feet
  • Key Ring Attachment
  • Gives the Last Known Location on Map


  • The app can be quite annoying as it persists you on getting an upgrade

5. TrackR Pixel

This tracking device can be placed on any item you fear of getting misplaced. The TrackR Pixel also shows you the last known location of the object that is lost. Another great feature it has is the Global Crowd locate, you can use this when the item is not in your house. Users from all around the world can give you an aid in tracking.

Your Possible Reason for Buying:

The TrackR Pixel gives off a very strong alert when you lose an item. You can also charge the battery yourself; this feature is not available with other Bluetooth Trackers.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Lights and sound that helps in locating an item faster
  • Can be attached to anything
  • The battery replacement is free thru the app
  • The lightest and also the smallest tracking device to date


  • Experiences lags during tracking

6. Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker is the best sticking tracking device that you can use on any surface. It will help locate your misplaced item by giving it a ring. The good thing about this is that the battery life can reach up to 3 years. You don’t have to worry about it getting broken if you accidentally wet it as it’s made to be waterproof.

Your Possible Reason for Buying:

This is a single-use tracker that can easily stick to any surface be it metal or plastic. It’s also made to be very durable despite being submerged in liquid.


  • Sticks to any surface
  • Up to 3 years of battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Can become noisy with random beeping

7. SpotyPal

This tracking device offers the best battery life out there. With its low energy consumption, its battery is guaranteed to last for a year.

Your Possible reason for buying

This low-maintenance tracker is good for anyone who fears of getting low battery from time to time.


  • The battery can last a year
  • Lightweight
  • Low-energy consumption


  • Only uses Bluetooth connection

8. Tile Slim

It’s not named slim for nothing; this tracker has the size of 2 credit cards that helps you to easily slip even on thin documents. It has a 200m radius searching zone and the battery can last up to 3 years. It’s made to be waterproof so you can use it regardless of the weather.

Your Possible Reason for Buying:

You can easily find misplaced items since you can just let this tracker slide in your wallet. Finding your items has never been this instant as you can just ring the item once you lose it.


  • Discreet because of its size
  • Waterproof
  • The battery life of up to 3 years


  • App needs improvement
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