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Bluetooth Tracker Buying Guide

Bluetooth Tracker Buying Guide

Having your own tracking device will definitely make your daily life convenient but not every tracker out there are created equal. Here are some tips that you can use if you have decided to purchase your own Bluetooth tracker. You might also want to read about the best cell phone spy apps at mspy review , FlexiSpy review , Spyzie review

Battery Life – Most of the Bluetooth trackers are small in size, this makes them easier to be carried around. This is also the reason why almost all the trackers don’t have rechargeable batteries. If you decide to get trackers with non-replaceable batteries, always go with the ones that can last for a year or so. This way, you are assured that it’s used has been maximized. Some may have rechargeable batteries, but these can only last for a couple of days. Just imagine if you forgot to charge them and you end up having to manually search for an item.

Value for Money – Most Bluetooth devices come at an affordable price range, normally between $20 to $50. Prices vary depending on the features they offer. The best thing to do is research the market and look for the one worthy of its price.

Distance Covered – Not all Bluetooth trackers can track far distanced items; you may have to be very close to the item for it to be located. Some brands will offer limited range while others have a wide range – these ones usually use LTE GPS connection.

Mode of Installation – Trackers should be easy to install, it will only require 3 things, attach, link and use. The basic steps of installing your tracker is to attach it to the item, link it with an application and you should be all set. If you find yourself adding additional steps to these, you may have a complicated Bluetooth tracker.

Design – Nowadays, it’s not just the functionality of the item that we’re concerned about. We also want our devices to match our overall style. Lucky for us, most brands offer trackers that come with different designs that not only gives great features but also great aesthetics. They will not look like your regular tracking device but more of an accessory to your outfit. If You have this “How I find my iPhone?” Read This guide.

Bluetooth trackers are no doubt one of the best inventions that we have today. The following trackers are on top of the market list as they give you convenience with the advanced technology they offer. Now, you don’t have to worry about being late in an appointment as every important item is within a tracking range.

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