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Pixie Finder Review

Pixie Finder Review

We all forget things, some more than others. Forgetfulness is an acute condition in us; half of the time, I can’t even find my keys or phone and numerous other things. Growing up, we always imagined using a lost item or key finder to keep track of every important thing. Over the years, there have been various Bluetooth trackers in the market that work moderately well, but none so well, like the Pixie Tracker.

We tried it and know with certainty that Pixie is one of the best apps for finding lost stuff. In this comprehensive review, we cover the good, the bad, and everything in between about the tracker for you to make an informed purchase. So read on to find more.

What is the Pixie Tracker?

Pixie is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate your lost items. Unlike its competitors (more on that below), the tracker resembles a GPS tracking system in its locating methods. Similar to GPS, Pixie uses a network of “Pixie points” to triangulate the position of your lost item.

With a fair resemblance to a guitar pick, Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. What truly sets it apart from other trackers is its efficient use of Augmented Reality (AR) to show a user the physical location of the lost item using ‘Pixie dust,‘ as opposed to just sounding an alarm.

The Pixie Tracker is essentially a set of tags, out of which, the ‘Hero Tag’ goes on your phone. This is the source of your network; connected to the accompanying mobile app. Using the app and the tags are straightforward. You need to connect your Hero Tag to the app and add other tags to your network after assigning them to each of your valuable items. To find the location of your article, you need to pan your phone camera in a movement suggested by the app. The software scans your room until it finds your item.  We have some More Trackers guide to Choose The Best Tracker

Why should you buy it?

We understand a decision to purchase is not an easy one, especially when it comes to connecting it with your phone. So we give you seven reasons for you to buy Pixie Tracker:

  • 2-in-1 tracker

Pixie Bluetooth tracker, unlike other similar devices in the market, offers two distinct ways to track your item, combining both audio and visuals. The tracker uses AR to show where your lost thing is via Pixie dust hovering over it. However, as you get closer to your article, it produces noises similar to a Geiger counter (a device that measures radiation levels) or a metal detector. Alternatively, you can choose to use the range-finder functionality that shows your distance from the lost in feet and inches.

  • As easy as Pokemon Go

Do you remember the AR game that took the world by a storm? Yes, Pokemon Go! The Pixie Tracker, designed with a user-friendly interface, is as easy to use to play the game. All one needs to do is to open their camera to scan the area, and off they are to find their Pokemon!

  • Can cover up to 150 ft

With a maximum coverage of 30-50 ft indoors with walls and other objects, the tracker’s range doubles when outside. Pixie’s ability to cover up to 150 ft when finding a lost item is what sets the device apart from other key finders in the market.

  • Shows last locations

We all lose things when we forget where we kept our things last. To save you some grey matter and to think time, Pixie Tracker helps you track the last recorded location of your item. While your item may not be there necessarily, anymore, it is a place to start looking and jogging your memory. So no more screaming frustration, “Why can’t I find my keys!?”

  • Lasting batteries

Another key aspect that sets Pixie apart from its contemporaries is the long battery life. Unlike other trackers, the cells in a pixie tag last for up to 12 months and come with a one-year guarantee. However, the battery is not recyclable or rechargeable, so you would need to replace your tags.

  • Water and Dustproof

Pixie trackers are both water and dustproof, and this makes them one of the best app for finding stuff. Our tests show that a tracker tag can last unharmed in water for about half an hour.

  • Sleek and compact

With style and compactness, Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. The device with its dimensions of 1.88″x 1.4″ x 0.13″ is only slightly bigger than a guitar pick and fit even in your wallet. While it may be more than a little evident behind your phone, its sleek design blends well with most phone cases.

  • Tweak the code

Pixie believes in inclusive development and encourages users to code individual software based on the main skeleton. This is what makes many consider Pixie to be the best app for finding lost stuff.

What can be better?

Pixie may be a blessing for the forgetful, but it is not without its faults. We have covered that for you, as well.

  • Compatibility with Android

For all its benefits, Pixie is still only available on Apple Store with its software compatible only to iPhones above 5s. The proposed android version is yet to hit the market. Therefore, Android and iPhone (below 5s range) users will need to find another critical key finder compatible with their devices.

  • The sacrifice of the Hero Tag

An order of Pixie Tracker consists of either 2 or 4 tags (depending on the size of the pack), including the ‘Hero Tag’ that goes on your phone. People buying a pack of four have three remaining tags, but the one with 2-tag pack, this is an unfair bargain.

How compatible is Pixie?

Pixie’s compatibility with iOS and iPhones above 5s is out of the charts. The AR glasses, set to come out from Apple soon, will only go to enhance the experience of using Pixie Tracker. However, individuals with iPhones below the 5s model and Android users cannot use Pixie due to incompatibility.

How much does Pixie Tracker cost?

The Pixie Tracker comes in two different packs with slight variations and different price ranges. The 2-tag pack comes for $50 (mostly without the free iPhone case), and the 4-tag pack with iPhone case and two key fobs comes for $100.

How is Pixie different from other trackers?

You can only do fruitful shopping if you have compared what you bought with other choices, choosing only the best. We have saved you some time and have compared the Pixie tracker with other popular trackers.

  • Pixie vs. Tile

Tile’s recent upgrades of Tile Pro and Tile Mate are similar to Pixie with a 1-year warrantied battery. However, Pixie leaves Tile behind with its 2-in-1 support in locating your lost item with both audio and visuals. Whereas, Tile only provides audio services.

  • Pixie vs. Samsung SmartThings

With Samsung SmartThings, you get more than just a regular key finder. You can use the device to track your children or pets and more. However, one major drawback is that it uses cellular networks (LTE GPS), making it unreliable in places without coverage. Pixie, using the Bluetooth technology, can be of use anywhere.

  • Pixie vs. TrackR

TrackR, with its compact size, Android compatibility, and free battery replacement, is an excellent tracker. However, the sound it emits while locating an item is loud, uncontrollable, and often irritates people. The noise the Pixie emits is only loud enough for the person concerned to hear, which is an asset when one is frustrated due to a lost item.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Pixie Tracker work?

Pixie uses sound and visuals to locate a lost item. Once a room is scanned, the app shows you the location of your article using ‘Pixie dust,’ and as you near it, the emitted sound indicated how far or near you are.

  1. Is Pixie compatible with Android phones?

At present, Pixie Tracker is not compatible with Android phones. However, the company is developing an Android version soon.

  1. Why should I get an iPhone case with my Pixie tags?

The iPhone case is strictly optional. You can choose to get one if the tag is too bulky for your current situation.

  1. How do I get a case that fits my iPhone model?

When purchasing the tracker, simply select the model of your phone for the case.

Final Verdict on Pixie Tracker

Pixie Tracker is an excellent option if you often ask yourself, “How do I find my keys?”. Its waterproof and dustproof qualities, along with a lasting battery, make it one of the best app for finding lost stuff.

Keeping in mind all of its benefits and drawbacks, on a scale of 1 to 10, where one is the worst and ten is the best, we rate Pixie Tracker a 9. It may not be compatible with Android phones, but Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone!

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