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Pixie Point Bluetooth Tracker Review

Pixie Point Bluetooth Tracker Review

There is nothing more precious than time, and no one knows this better than someone hurrying to be in the office on time. On certain miserable days, or by a force of habit, you end up looking for your car keys at the last minute. Then begins the hunt for the keys in between sofas and in all the weird places that the mind can conjure.

There isn’t a single person on planet earth who would appreciate more than you if Fairy Godmother conjured the key out of thin air for you. Isn’t that an ideal scenario?

Well, we have the next best thing! Make way for Pixie Point Bluetooth tracker!

The Pixie tracker is the magic element created to find those lost keys! Don’t believe me yet? Let me explain that to you.

Pixie Point Bluetooth tracker: Our first take

The Pixie Augmented Reality Tracker is an amazing little device that hit the markets in 2017 and is going strong even today. The tech and updated content of the app keep people holding on to this solid piece of tech that has quickly become the best key finder.

Using your smartphone camera, AR tracking, and GPS features, the makes finding lost keys, remotes, and other lost stuff, a fun activity. No more stresses out morning routines, no more feeling irresponsible. Pixie is here to make your life a lot easier.  We advice you to review these guide about Truth review about Pixie Tracker & Explanation of How I Find my iPhone ?

What is a Pixie Tracker?

Pixie is the best app for finding lost stuff, period. With its cutting edge technology used in a super creative way, Pixie finds your lost valuables right from your phone. It is the best way to save your time looking for that frequently lost stuff.

Pixie uses tech like Bluetooth tracking and AR tracking and proprietary signaling to triangulate the location of your lost object. Putting these inbuilt techs of every smartphone to use in this unique way, Pixie revolutionizes the use of AR and Bluetooth from simply gaming features to utility features. It is the easiest to use key tracker or key finder out there.

It has a set of features that sets it apart from other tracker devices. It even gives the tracker an uber-cool aura about it. Features like Pixie Dust, Tracker tags, different modes for finding the objects like Pointer mode, metal detector mode, etc., make finding your lost stuff a fun activity.

Equipped with the Location of Things technology, Bluetooth, the Pixie Point locates your bunch of keys on which you have glued another similar ‘tag.’ These tags talk to each other, in a manner of speaking, and show you the accurate location of it down to the last inch. Using AR technology, Pixie sprinkles Pixie Dust on the spot where the object will be found, and lets you know where to look. Quite literally.

How does the Pixie tracker work?

Pixie uses unique proprietary signaling to find your lost item without the panic. If you are running late for office, there’s nothing more helpful than the Pixie Bluetooth tracker. The Pixie tracker uses tracker tags to locate objects, making your life simpler. Point your phone around the room and, abracadabra! You find your lost stuff in a matter of seconds.

Pixie comes with two-tracker tags. One tracker is for your smartphone, while the other is to be stuck to that item, which has a habit of being lost often. Using Bluetooth and GPS technology, Pixie tracks objects indoors 30-50ft and about 100ft outdoors.

Whether it is your car keys, TV remote, gadgets, or even your little pet cat or dog, a Pixie tag on it will let you track it without panicking.

Pixie will show you through your mobile phone, exactly where the lost item is. It can also show you the exact distance in feet and inches. Even if the missing object is hidden away from sight, like it’s in another room, under your sofa, under a pile of books, in your laundry basket under a pile of clothes, Pixie finds it with the Pixie tracker. Despite fierce competition in the market, Pixie has proven to be better than them all in most aspects of its use. Pixie uses the latest technology and stays ahead of all of them.

How to Use Pixie Tracker?

If you are new to the world of Pixie, you might not be familiar with what the terms Pixie Dust, tracker tags, and the different modes stand for. Here we have compiled, comprehensive and straightforward list of the names you should be familiar with before using the Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker.

Tracker Tags: The Pixie tracker comes with a pair of tracker tags. They have a tear-drop like a shape. What they look like is the location symbol we frequently see on maps. They are only 1.9 inches tall and 1.4 inches wide. They are thinner compared to other tracker options at just 0.1 inches. The Tracker tag comes in orange, yellow, blue, and green colors. It has a battery life of 12 months. However, the battery is non-replaceable. Hence you will have to discard it after use and get another one.

You can buy more tags in pairs and add them to your list of trackable items. However, due to the limitation on the number of Bluetooth devices that can be paired at the same time, you can use the app only to find seven separate things at a time.

Using Tracker Tags: One of the Tracker is for your smartphone, and the other is attached to the frequently lost item, say your wallet. There is also the additional option of getting an iPhone case if you own an iPhone 6 or 7. This case has a molded space capable of holding the tag without sticking it with adhesive on to your phone. The other tracker tag can be attached to your frequently lost item using the adhesive on the back of the tag. The tags are small and thin; you won’t even know its there.

Finding a Lost Item: To find a lost item, first install the Pixie Augmented reality Bluetooth tracker app into your iPhone. Hold up your phone like a scanner. Using Augmented Reality technology, the app scans the area it is being pointed to. Performa panoramic scan of your environment using your phone. Scour for Pixie points located 30 to 50ft indoors and 100ft outdoors. Stand still and do a 360-degree panoramic shot until Pixie Dust appears on the screen. Yes, you heard that right. Pixie Dust!

Pixie Dust: The Pixie Augmented reality Bluetooth tracker app uses a feature called the Pixie Dust. It is a golden glimmer of sparkles that appears on your mobile screen around the approximate area of your lost item. This feature gives you a vague idea until the app turns into a navigation mode showing you the exact direction. Pixie Dust appears even if the object is behind a wall! So be guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for.

Pointer Mode: Once the Pixie Dust appears on the screen, and you move in the direction of the lost item, the app switches to a Pointer mode. This uses a real-time compass that directs you in the way of the object.

Metal Detector Mode: Once you are in 5-feet of the object, the Pointer Mode changes to a Metal Detector Mode with a beep sound coming as you move closer to the object. It is a fun thing to do as the beep becomes more audible and energetic as you hone in on the lost item. Finding a lost item now will make your mood lighter with the Pixie Technology Bluetooth Tracker.

Why Pixie Tracker?

The Pixie Bluetooth tracker has many features that set it apart from its contemporaries. The first feature is that it is very affordable; it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Equipped with technology such as AR tracking, and a very user-friendly interface, Pixie wireless tracker comes at just $50 for a pack of two and $100 for a pack of four. Pixie wireless tracker looks very minimal in its design. It is not a bulky piece of tech that bothers you with its size. It is only 1.9 inches tall and 1.4 inches wide with a thickness of just 0.1 inches. The Pixie wireless tracker also has the advantage of being waterproof. It has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to one year.

There are many Lost & found tracker devices out there, but none as good and handy as Pixie. Using Pixie to find your lost stuff without any hassles is the best bet you can make this season. When you are buying the Pixie Augmented Reality tracker, make sure you look for the authenticity symbols. Buy as many tags as you want, depending on the number of frequently lost items you have.

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