Twitter Header Best Practices For 2021

Twitter Header Best Practices For 2021

You may have heard of struggling to have a fast growth on Twitter and therefore using Twitter bot and plenty of growth services is very common. Have you ever experienced struggling to change your Twitter header? We have a fair share of experience. Although Twitter already released guidelines for the header photo size, for some reason, it is still challenging to get it right.

Well, the primary reason for that is because Twitter chops off a part of the cover photo. Even though you followed Twitter’s recommendation. More than that, you should also take note that the header photo must be appropriate for websites and mobile apps.

With that in mind, we will tackle how you can display your Twitter header properly.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Upload Properly

Before diving into our Twitter header guide, let’s learn first how to upload your pictures appropriately.

  1. Open your Twitter account on an Android or iOS mobile phone. Upload the profile or display picture using the application.
  2. Check the file type of your photo because Twitter only supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats.
  3. Check the size and dimension of the twitter header photo. Take note that the maximum file size is 2 MB, while the dimensions for header should be 1500 × 500 pixels and profile images should be 400 × 400 pixels.
  4. Click Apply to ensure that your photo is uploaded.

Tips and Tricks for Twitter Headers

Before anything else, take note of these recommendations from Twitter for your headers.

  • Header photo dimensions: 1500 px by 500 px
  • Aspect ratio: 3:1
  • File format: JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • File size:  Maximum of 2 MB

However, the main problem here is that even after following the guidelines, the header photo may not appropriately fit after uploading. This is because of your profile picture and the invisible space around it.

1. Consider the profile photo

Aside from thinking of the appropriate twitter header, you also need to think how it looks like with the profile picture. There is a direct relationship between the header and profile photo. Moreover, both photos change depending on the device used.

Learn the visible and invisible areas to guarantee that your followers can see what you want to showcase. The key is to plan the profile picture ahead of the time since it throws a wrench into the equation. Keep in mind that there should be an empty space at the uppermost and bottommost of the header image.

2. Coordinate your theme with your header design

After planning the profile photo and header image, think about the theme and designs that relate to your brand. Furthermore, it helps you boost your branding, engagement, and visibility. It also helps you to be remembered by your followers.

3. Make sure that your Twitter header is relevant to your brand

If you are a brand owner or online influencer, keep in mind that the headers must be related to your brand or online presence. Besides sharing information about yourself through a bio, use your Twitter header to showcase your identity.

With a glance, your visitors will have an idea about you and what you do in your life. It also speaks about your advocacies, interests, and principles.

4. Develop an emotional appeal

The people who check your Twitter profile won’t mind reading your tweets. The easy way to capture their attention is through the use of photos. Make sure that your Twitter header is relatable for your target audience and has an emotional appeal. You may show photos that relate to the usual pain points or experiences your visitors face. This may be on family, friends, or challenges in life.

5. Keep it simple and clean

Although there are many details we want to integrate into our Twitter header, it can cause clutter. Instead of focusing on too much information, prioritize the quality of the photo and its statement. Always find a way to keep your header simple and clean.

One of the things you should not forget is brand consistency. Keep your objectives in mind when optimizing your Twitter account, and these are to increase visibility and establish a positive reputation in this digital platform.

Why You Should Try the New Twitter Header

These changes on Twitter are designed to create an aesthetic look for web and mobile applications, focusing on visual content and the ability to develop header images similar to Facebook’s.

Brands and individuals definitely look more established with the new header photo. It elevates their identity and personality on social media, which can significantly impact their online marketing strategies.

As you notice, optimizing your Twitter header can be a daunting task. Hopefully, this guide has helped you maximize your reach. Through this, you can set up your Twitter account aesthetically, with your header photo and profile picture looking more coherent and coordinated.

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