Twitter: SBLV Meaning – Miley Cyrus’ Hashtag Explained

Twitter: SBLV Meaning – Miley Cyrus’ Hashtag Explained

If you use Twitter a lot, you know that there are a lot of hashtags used on social media platforms. This is the best way to way to find information, as well as share any messages or opinions you have with the world. In particular, you include hashtags with your Tweets and this makes sure people can find your comments. What’s more, you can search for topics that interest you through hashtags too.

In particular, there is one hashtag that a lot of people are talking about. You may have already seen it and wondered why it has been trending recently. We are referring to #sblv. So, let’s take a look at what is going on with this one on Twitter.

Where did SBLV Start?

Like every trend or new word, there always has to be somewhere where it all started. Well, this trend seems to have started by Miley Cyrus. She posted a video on TikTok and it was seen by a lot of people. Namely, she used the hashtag SBLV on the video. But, there was no explanation as to what this means or what it was referring to. As you will have guessed, this left a lot of people confused and trying to understand what it meant. If you saw that video, then that is probably why you are here too.

The internet has been the home of many new words being created. For example, there have been secret words going around like ‘xybca’, as well as ‘ciscium’. Not a lot of people know what these words mean either! But, it demonstrates how trends can take off and get people curious. This is exactly what has happened with SBLV.

What Does SBLV Mean?

A natural question you are going to have is, what does SBLV mean? Well, we are going to be honest with you and announce that this abbreviation is not something that is huge or ground breaking. In fact, it is just short for super bowl LV. Of course, this is a football event that happens every year and it is watched not only in the United States but around the world. A lot of people watch it for sports. But, there is also a half-time show that is huge. Often, a big pop star will sing.

Therefore, SBLV simply stands for Super Bowl LV. This took place on the 7th February 2021. Miley Cyrus started the trend and the reason for this was because she was performing in Tampa, Florida. In particular, she was singing for NFL’s TikTok Tailgate. There are also some other hashtags that you are going to see on social media. This includes #thisorthatsblv. This is going to allow you to check out all of the relevant videos that might interest you.

How Are People Using SBLV on Twitter?

Once people realized what SBLV stood for, they wanted to get on the action and use this abbreviation. They also used hashtags so that they could share their message. In particular, football fans were using this abbreviation to share their thoughts on the game. For example, there were Chiefs fans and Buccaneers fans using SBLV to share their support for the team ahead of the big game. Some people wore all of their merchandise and showed off their favorite team’s colors.

To Summarize

There are a lot of hashtags and abbreviations out there on social media that require you to work out the meaning. Of course, some are obvious. But, there are others that can cause confusion. This is exactly what happened with one hashtag on Twitter. We are talking about SBLV. This was a hashtag that people simply could not guess. So, let’s summarize what we have found out in this article and clear up the confusion once and for all.

Let’s talk about what SBLV means. While it might not seem like something you know at first, once you know the meaning, it is all going to make sense. Namely, SBLV stands for the Super Bowl LV. This was the latest competition that took place in February 2021. It is when two American football teams meet and the winner has an unforgettable experience. Fans from around the world tune in for this event. In particular, a lot of people watch the event for the half-time show. A different famous artist headlines it every year.

The SBLV hashtag all started with Miley Cyrus. She posted a video of herself and included the hashtag SBLV. A lot of people speculated about what this could mean. For example, was she talking about a new tour she was going on or was she announcing a new album? Turns out, she was talking about the Super Bowl LV. She was going to be performing live in Tampa, Florida where the event was taking place. in addition, she was singing for NFL’s TikTok Tailgate. So, this explains why she was using the hashtag. She wanted to let everyone know that this was what she was doing.

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, a lot of people started to use the hashtag once they had worked out what it meant. For example, it was mainly used by football fans and those that have a favorite team to win. They wanted to back their team and share their enthusiasm with others.

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