Twitter: Silent Ravers Exposed Video Explained

Twitter: Silent Ravers Exposed Video Explained

When you love singers and musicians, you want to keep up with their life and everything they are doing. Indeed, the media know that people want this and report frequently on interesting events. Right now, something that everyone is talking about is Ravers Clavers. This is a famous Jamaican dance group and in particular, people are wondering about Silent Ravers. Are you not sure what is going on but want to join in with the conversation? Well, you are going to need to learn all of the facts. So, let’s take a closer look at the Ravers Clavers and what is going on.

Who are the Ravers Clavers?

First of all, let’s start by discussing who Ravers Clavers are. You might not be familiar with them, but they are a much-loved and fun dance group. They started in Nannyville and they created a lot of fun moves that people know. This includes Fling, Cha-Cha Boy and Snappin’, which you might see in a lot of videos.

In particular, you might want to find out who Silent Ravers is. Well, this is a member of the Jamaican dancer group. Well, he was until all of this drama went down. From a young age, he wanted to become a dancer. In 2014, he joined Ravers Clavers and a lot of people liked him for it. Something that he is known for is the Flairy dance move. But, it was Ding Dong, the leader of Ravers Clavers that has confirmed Silent Ravers will not be in the dance group any longer.

What Has Happened with Silent Ravers?

It has caused a lot of upset that Silent Ravers is no longer in the dance group. It has left a lot of people asking why this has happened. Well, the reason seems to be a video that has been flying around the internet. In this video, it is described that Silent Ravers was in a ‘compromising situation’ with Lil Kev. He is a transgender personality. In particular, it is believed that Silent Ravers gave a lot of money to Lil Kev. Clearly, there are some people that do not like the fact that Silent Ravers could be homosexual.

In these situations, a lot of stars speak out in an attempt to ‘clear their name’. At first, Silent Ravers deactivated his social media account. This was probably a way to stay out of the storm online. But, he did reactivate them and decided it was time to speak out about what had happened. Indeed, he said that he was not homosexual. Instead, he said to his followers that he had made a big mistake. In particular, he claimed that he was tricked by Lil Kev in this video everyone was talking about. He also denied he had given him a lot of money. He even denies that he was fired from Ravers Clavers.

What Has the Reaction Been Online?

Of course, there have been some people online that have decided they do not like Silent Ravers after this incident. But, there has also been a lot of people defending him online too. They are shocked that members of the group would want to fire him just for being gay or taking part in this video. They think that it is shocking he would face this type of criticism and are not surprised that people keep these types of details quiet if this is going to be the reaction to it.

Is the Internet a Good Thing?

The internet can be a great thing and a good way to share information. You can learn a lot about other people and share happiness on the internet. But, having everything online can also be a curse. It is a way to get people into trouble and it can be a way for rumors to circulate. For example, there can be fake rumors and news spread about you, or things that you do not want to have on the internet. Sometimes, there is no way to stop this. Smart contract developers are offering a more secure and transparent way to conduct transactions online, with time more accountability should come from it on platforms like Twitter.

For example, when I came to Silent Ravers, things started to get out of hand quickly. It does not matter whether he is gay in real life or not. All of a sudden, there was news spreading around about him that he probably did not want people to know about. Many years ago, when there was no internet, this is not something that you have to worry about. But, as you can see, things do not always turn out well for people thanks to the internet.

To Summarize

A lot of people have been wondering what the Silent Ravers video is that exposes him. So, let’s summarize what we have learned in this post. Namely, Ravers Clavers are a fun dance group that a lot of people like to follow. For example, they have made a lot of fun dance moves that you might have heard of. This includes Fling, Cha-Cha Boy and Snappin’. A lot of people are asking; who is Silent Ravers? Well, he is a member of Ravers Clavers. In particular, he is known for creating the Flairy dance move.

What is all of the drama about? Well, there was a video that was flying around on the internet. In particular, it showed a ‘compromising situation’ with Lil Kev is known for being a transgender personality. So, there was an assumption that Silent Ravers could be homosexual. This is something that members of the dance group did not like. Consequently, the leader said that he was no longer in the group.

Since this happened, Silent Ravers wanted to clear his name and stated on social media that he was not homosexual. In addition, he said that he did not give Lil Kev any money and that he was tricked into the video with Lil Kev. He even denies that he was fired from the dance group. This is an interesting situation that has a lot of people on the edge of their seats.

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