Wardy Joubert Meme Explained

Wardy Joubert Meme Explained

If there is something on the internet that everybody loves, it is memes. They make you laugh out loud and you want to send your favorite ones to your friends. But, not all memes you are going to instantly understand and they can need a bit more explanation. For example, there is one meme that everybody wants to know about right now. We are talking about the Wardy Joubert meme. Have you seen this one before and know what it is all about? If the answer is no, it is about time you found out. So, let’s break it down and get started!

Who is Wardy Joubert?

If you do not know who Wardy Joubert is then you are probably very confused by the meme and everything everyone is talking about. So, let’s take a look at who Wardy Joubert is first before we get onto the meme.

Wardy Joubert is famous because he was a semi-pro American footballer. But, a lot of people also knew him for being an actor in adult movies. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago. In December 2016, he died from a heart attack He was only 45 years old. The one thing people have not done is forgot about Wardy Joubert. In fact, he is part of this huge meme that is taking over the internet.

What is the Meme?

Now, you are probably here because you want to know about the meme going around about Wardy Joubert. Well, first of all, you might want to learn about it somewhere private and away from parents. It could be embarrassing! So, the Wardy Joubert meme is simply an X-rated photo. In particular, you are going to hear it referred to as the ‘big p meme’. Of course, we are not going to show this meme on this post. But, we are sure that you get the idea!

This is not actually a new meme. It has been around for several years but it is becoming popular again. This happens a lot with memes. They circulate every few years when they are funny or controversial. It was first seen in 2012 and then it has come back in 2020. It has been circulating ever since. In particular, people have been sending it to their friends on iMessage and WhatsApp. This is part of a prank text where they would send a link to their friends about the COVID-19 pandemic. But, when they click the link, they will soon discover that this is not what it is about!

Is the Image Real?

One of a lot the big questions that people have is; is the image of Wardy Joubert real? Well, a lot of people refuse to believe that it is. They think that the image has been enhanced in some way. But, one of his ex-girlfriends has spoken on the matter. She has said that the image is real.

However, people may find this meme funny. Indeed, it is a joke for a lot of people sending it to their friends. But, the family is not very happy about the Wardy Joubert meme going around. They want to forget about this image so that he can rest in peace. It is likely that they are affected from this image going around on the internet. While people make a joke and say that it is shame he is not alive to see himself be so famous, it is likely that this is not an image you want spreading around.

To Summarize

Memes are one of the things that people love about the internet. They can go viral very quickly and they often make you laugh. Indeed, you can never really get rid of an image when it goes online. This is something that a lot of people have found out the hard way. For example, an image of Wardy Joubert keeps resurfacing on the internet. While a lot of people see the funny side to this one, it is an image that his family are hoping will disappear soon so that he can rest in peace. Let’s summarize what we have learned in this post.

First of all, if you had not heard of Wardy Joubert before, he was a semi-pro American footballer and an actor in adult movies. Unfortunately, when he was 45 years old, he had a heart attack. But, there is an image of him that means people still remember his name. This is perhaps not an image that he would want shared on the internet and used as a meme.

The meme is an X-rated image of Wardy Joubert. If you want to see the meme for yourself, it is best to look it up while not sitting with your family. You might hear people talk about it and call it the ‘big p meme’. It has been an image going around on the internet since 2012 and it continues to circulate today. A lot of people are using it for a prank text. This involves sending it to their friends as a disguised link. So, it is a trick so that you click on the link with the image and view it.

It appears as if the image is real since an ex-girlfriend confirmed it. But, others believe that it has been enhanced. We will never know for sure.

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