For sale: Youtube channels available for purchase

For sale: Youtube channels available for purchase

Do you want to be YouTube famous, but you haven’t quite worked out how? Do you have the right content to get an incredible audience, but you’re just not getting anywhere building a channel from scratch? There’s a whole new industry waiting for you to discover it. While it may seem strange on the outside, selling YouTube Channels has become a pretty big thing. Let’s take a look!

Is Buying YouTube Channels Legal?

Don’t worry, the answer is yes! There’s quite a few companies that have used bought channels to boost their YouTube signal, and YouTube has nothing to say about it, so you won’t get in any trouble buying your own channel.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

There’s no one fixed fee for buying a youtube channel. It will depend on a lot of factors. This includes the existing audience and subscribers, the amount of videos uploaded, whether it’s had strikes in the past, whether it’s monetized already, and who the current ‘face’ of the channel is.

Buying a channel with a strong ‘face’ already associated with it is going to be tricky. The audience is going to be confused, and it’s going to be difficult to match the content associated with it. Instead, you can look for ones that have made smart use of stock footage and entertaining content creation that doesn’t need a personality to drive it. This is why looking at the existing uploads counts. The more there are- and the higher quality- the more the channel is worth.

Where the audience is based is going to have an impact, too. Primarily U.S based audiences earn more, so the price will be higher. The number of followers matters too, but some may be fakes, so don’t just get wowed by a big number and overpay.

Looking at strikes is more about protecting yourself. It’s the step before a ban- and could get your channel banned, too. Make sure there’s been no strikes in the last 3 months. Obviously, a channel that’s already earning money (monetized) is going to cost a lot more than one which is not. To become monetized, you need 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months, and 1000 subscribers. That’s hard to build, so comes at a price. But by not needing to build that audience, it could be a worthwhile one.

How Do You Transfer YouTube Channels?

YouTube channels allow more than one email account, but there’s only ever one primary owner. That’s the person who can make real decisions and access everything. So if you buy a channel, you need to make sure the primary ownership is signed over to you. This can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to do. Once it’s done, make sure to delete every other channel or email address linked to the account, so you don’t lose control of the channel. 

Remember, no one is going to do your due diligence for you but you. You need to look for a channel that has good engagement and real followers. You need to make sure the site you buy from is legit and above-board, and that you receive full ownership of the channel. No one wants to spend money and not get a good ROI, so it’s imperative you do the research and stay safe. 

Where Can I Buy YouTube Channels?

What are some reliable sources of YouTube Channels? We can’t look at every reliable partner here, but let’s take a look. 


This is probably the best place to look for already monetized YouTube channels. They offer a monetization method to all clients, and all of the channels they advertise as monetized will meet all the metrics you need. They also screen you by having you fill in a quick questionnaire, to match you with the best possible alternative. They’ll ask about the niche you want, and whether you want video production included. They state the channel’s features very clearly, you can throw in an official website, and they’re pretty transparent. 


Fameswap is, strictly speaking, a middleman service, so they’re not the vendor, they just connect you. However, their quality control is pretty strict. Many channels are aged, monetized, and already successful. They also help you with background checks. They also can assist you with other social media account purchases. 


This works like FameSwap, although they’re not quite as high quality. They, too, offer other social media purchases, and have a bunch of other things (like hashtag strategy and so on). They offer PayPal as a payment method. While the quality control and customer service aren’t as rigorous as FameSwap, they’re not bad overall.


AppSally has been around a long time, and used to only work with social media engagement growth. Now, however, they help connect clients to YouTube channels that are real and authentic, giving you the headstart you need on monetization. Their prices aren’t bad for what you get, and you can also purchase some other social media accounts through them. They’re pretty responsive, too.

As you can see, buying a YouTube channel is an interesting way to give yourself a head start on the platform. With so many marketers- many of them total pros- now present on YouTube, it can be hard to get the traction you need to get your content visible to the world. A YouTube channel with the right age and a pre-existing, engaged audience may be just what you need to boost your dreams into reality. 

But it’s important that you do your research and don’t get scammed. Channel buying is pretty new, so there’s lots of scammers out there hoping to take advantage. Rather work with established platforms that have a great reputation for honesty and integrity. And remember- it’s always going to be your responsibility to check that what you’re buying is as-advertised and legit, and make sure to completely remove the old owner when you get access to the channel.

Would you consider buying a YouTube channel? While it’s not right for everyone, it’s worth considering if it’s the boost you’ve been looking for. 

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