How to Get Rid of Inactive Instagram Followers

How to Get Rid of Inactive Instagram Followers

Do you think that you have a lot of ghost followers? These are often referred to as fake followers and they might make it look like you have a high Instagram growth, but they do not engage with your content. If you are someone that relies on social media in order to make money or you want to attract brand deals, you have to make sure that you are getting maximum engagement from your followers. Indeed, when you have inactive ones, this is going to drive your engagement down.

So, how do you find inactive Instagram followers and how can you get rid of them? We have prepared this guide to help you make progress. So, let’s get started.

What are Some Followers Inactive?

First of all, there are a number of reasons why some of your followers might be inactive on the app. For instance, perhaps they do not like your content and what you are posting. Alternatively, maybe they do not use Instagram anymore and they have deleted it from your mobile. Since they are not on the app, they are not going to engage with anything that you post on your profile.

Then, there are going to be ghost followers. These are not real people and they are classed as fake accounts. You may have acquired them if you have bought followers in the past or you can simply acquire them if they follow you. But, since nobody really runs the account, they are not going to engage with anything that you post on Instagram. As a result, your statistics can go down.

How to Get Rid of Inactive Instagram Followers

Can You Use Apps to Remove Ghost Followers?

One of the first things people want to do if they wish to clear out inactive Instagram followers is to look for an app that can do this for you. Indeed, you are going to find plenty of ghost apps if you take a look on your smartphone. But, it is important to resist this temptation. While some of these apps might work, there is a risk that you could get your Instagram account band. The platform does not like its account holders using these apps since it is from a third party

So, to play it safe, try to stay away from the ghost follower apps. This could just end up with you getting in trouble later on. There are plenty of other ways you can get rid of inactive Instagram followers, which we are going to get into.

How Should I Get Rid of Followers?

If you want to get rid of all the followers that are not engaging with your content, there is one thing you can do. You can manually go through your account list and try to spot accounts that do not look right. Yes, this is going to be a time-consuming task. But, it is going to make sure that you do not get any bans or into any trouble with Instagram.

It can take a while to go through your follower’s list if you have a lot of followers. But, there are some things that you can look out for that are going to make it easy to spot fake followers. For example, if you see that somebody does not have a profile photo, this could be a sign that they are inactive. For example, this can happen if someone wants to leave their account. Alternatively, it could have been a fake account and therefore, there is no image you can have here.

In addition, you can choose to go into accounts and see if they look like a real person. If there are no posts or they follow a lot of people but nobody follows them, this could be a sign that it is not an active account.

When you find the accounts you want to unfollow, you simply select this option from the three dots on the profile. But, you can only unfollow so many people each hour. So, try not to go above 30 at a time. You can also choose to block these followers so that they are unable to see your content again or try to add you.

To Summarize

Sometimes, it can look great when you have a lot of followers on social media. It can make you appear like you are popular and have a huge bunch of friends. But, it is not always the best idea. For instance, just because your followers are high does not mean that your engagement is high. In other words, a lot of accounts might follow you but they are not liking or comment on your posts. This is called having inactive Instagram followers.

There are different ways you can get rid of inactive Instagram followers. But, only some of them are going to be effective. For instance, there are apps out there that claim to get rid of your ghost followers. But, you have to be aware that this can seem like an easy option. But, it can be risky. You could end up getting bans on your Instagram account, which is not what you want.

Instead, you are better off manually getting rid of followers. This means taking a look at your list and getting rid of anybody that does not look real. For example, people that have no profile photo are often inactive. You can also go into their accounts and have a look around to see if they are fake.

Do not forget that you can also block people. This is going to stop them from following you or finding you. You may notice that even though your follower link goes down, your engagement can go up. Having a lot of followers is just a number. It is important not to get obsessed with this as it does not mean a lot when it comes to the Instagram app. This is particularly true if you are an influencer as engagement is more important now.

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