How To Remove an Instagram Remembered Account

How To Remove an Instagram Remembered Account

Every time you tap on log out, you will be routed to sign out from your Instagram account. When you sign back in, you have to enter your login credentials, unless you have utilized the autofill feature of your phone.

However, some things might be different with Instagram, because you can sign in instantly without remembering your username and password. Just a simple click of “Log In As”, which is linked to any of your social media accounts. Some think of this as a convenient way to log in, however, some think it’s not a practical solution because it can compromise their privacy.

How can you remove an Instagram remembered account?

There are a few steps that you may need to take to remove all of the details from your Instagram remembered account. Here we look at steps you can takes such as removing your account after logging out, clicking log out of all accounts, unlinking your Instagram from your other social media sites, clearing data and logging out from all devices. Let’s get started.



Never save your login information

One good thing about Instagram is that it gives you many options to un-save your login details. The first thing you have to do is to go to your profile screen after you open successfully your Instagram app. On the right panel, you have to tap the three-bar icon and click Settings. Scroll down to click Log Out of your account name. If a “Remember my Login Info” appears on your screen, then you can uncheck it before you click the Log Out option.

Another message that will appear on your phone is “Remember Login Information,” which is only answerable by “Remember” or “Not Now”. Just tap “Not Now” if you’re unwilling to save your login information.

Click log out of all accounts

Many people have multiple Instagram accounts for personal and business purposes. Once you tap the “Log Out of All Accounts”, you’ll have the option to save your login details or not on a particular account. Once you have logged out, multiple accounts will appear, where you can choose what account you should log in to. Tap the three-dot icon next to “Log In”, and it will give you the option to delete the login information.

Select “Remove” and this will immediately erase the account details of that particular account from your phone.


Unlink your Instagram from social media sites

Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be linked to Instagram, where every time you post on Instagram, it will automatically be posted on those two other social media sites. If you are using Facebook to log into your Instagram account and still those methods above don’t work for you, then you have to delete your Instagram account from your Facebook profile and log out from Facebook as well. By then, you can manually sign in to your Instagram account by not clicking “Log In As”.

Clear Data

If everything above doesn’t work, then you should go to your phone application settings and tap Instagram to clear all data and cache. By doing so, it will automatically delete all of your login information. Don’t worry because not everything that you have stored on your Instagram account will be deleted. However, the copies of your Instagram pictures might get deleted on your phone, depending on your phone brand and setting.

To clear data, scroll down to the Application Manager and tap Instagram. Then, you have to tap Storage for your Clear Storage or Clear Data. From there, you will notice the app size, user data, and the cache will go down to its minimal Mb amount or will go back to zero.


Why do you need to log out from Instagram?

It’s pretty convenient for us to automatically login from one account to another, however, this might compromise your security and privacy. In September 2018, a huge breach happened to Facebook, where more than 50 million users suffered from hacking.

This means that hackers can steal private data from you and spread it all over the internet, especially those intimate photos. Now, you don’t want these things to happen on your Instagram account, right? Here are the reasons why you should log out of your Instagram accounts:

To protect your privacy

Since the hacking incident in Facebook happened, most social media platforms have become more alert in protecting every user’s data. Some hackers are exploiting profiles by taking out their credit card information and use their private photos. Whether your login information was stored in your phone, still you don’t have the assurance that it’s well-protected because some hackers are good at stealing IP addresses so they could easily access your account.

To give you peace of mind

The convenience of logging in automatically to your account might come at a steep price. If someone might hack your phone or computer, then everything on your social media accounts, including the private ones, will be exposed to the public eyes. If you want to guarantee yourself peace of mind, then you should make it a habit to always log out from your account and clear your phone’s data.


To be more cautious

If logging out of your social media accounts is a smart move, then consider setting the right passwords by avoiding including your details, such as birthday, anniversary, and kid’s names. If you want to be secure with your password, make sure it’s long and it should have upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

At the same time, you should consider getting anti-spam, anti-malware, and firewall services, so hackers could not easily get into your account. By acquiring these services, you’ll be provided with advanced authentication tools and password setting recommendations.


The risk of getting hacked has increased because there are a lot of intelligent hackers who could get into your account in no time. To prevent these things from happening, then you should do all the methods above, so you could clear out your Instagram account details from your phone. Just in case your phone got lost or stolen too, at least they won’t find any private information that could compromise your identity.

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