Instagram: Is the Password Reset Text From 32665 a Scam?

Instagram: Is the Password Reset Text From 32665 a Scam?

In today’s technological world, everybody has social media. Often, people have more than one account too. For example, they have a Facebook Profile, as well as Twitter, and they have joined Instagram too.

Right now, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is a place to post all of your images and videos, as well as view friends, family and celebrities that you like. You can post almost anything you want to and share your life with others.

But, we all know that it is possible to have your Instagram account hacked. That is why it is important to be careful when it comes to your password. Recently, a lot of people have been receiving a text from 32665 and it states to reset your password. So, the question is; is this a scam or a genuine text?

Is the 32665 Text it a Scam?

When you are resetting a password, it is common to be sent a link in order to create a new one. This is often when you have requested it so you are aware that it was you that sent a password reset confirmation. So, when you receive a text out of the blue and you have never requested to change your password, this should ring alarm bells and be a red flag for you. But, it is not uncommon for a text to be delayed and even days late.

Let’s go through this scenario. You receive a text from a number and it appears as 32665. There is a simple message that states, ‘tape here to reset your Instagram password’. There is also a link that appears. Is this a scam?

The answer to this question is that it is a scam. There is a reason you are suspicious; something is not right. Yes, you can easily reset your Instagram password and they are going to contact you. But, this is not done by text. They are usually going to send you an email in order to reset the password. In addition, you will have made the request so you should be aware of it. Let’s repeat that – you would not receive a text from Instagram. It is a scam and it is something that is being sent out to thousands of people.

The person sending it is hoping that you fall for the trick and click on the link to reset the password. Again, it is a scam. This is why we recommend running every unknown number on a reliable reverse phone lookup tool (like this one) to stay safe from scammers.

What Will Happen by Clicking the Link?

A lot of people are curious as to what would happen if they clicked the link sent to them in the text. Instead of trying it out for yourself, we will explain it to you. First of all, it is going to take you to a page that looks like the Instagram login page. It can almost look very legitimate. However, it is important to remember that this is a scan and you should not enter any details. It is often a link that is disguised and will contain malware. It is very unsafe to click the link or enter any details.

Is This a New Scam?

You may be wondering if this is a new scam that has emerged. This is especially true if have never heard or experienced it before. However, this scam is not actually new. In fact, it has been circulating for many years. There are reports that people have had this text as far back as 2008. This is before smartphone sales really exploded, which means that it is an established scam that they think will work.

What Should I Do If I Click the Link?

Sometimes, you are not thinking clearly and you click the link. Once you have done this, you suddenly realize that it is a scam. For a lot of people, once they have clicked the link, a phishing scam can steal your data. But, there are some ways you can lower the risk of this happening to you.

First of all, if you click the link, make sure that you do not go any further. For example, do not enter any personal details. The best thing you can do is exist the page. After you have done this, disconnect your phone from Wi-Fi and stop your connection to the internet.

One thing you can do for peace of mind is change your Instagram password. This is in case you have entered it through the link. This is going to make sure that nobody is able to hack into your account and change the password before you.

If you cannot decide whether a text or email is a scam, there is a great feature you can take advantage of on the Instagram app. This is going to let you view the messages Instagram have sent you, which can help you decide if the one you have received is a scam or not. First, go to Settings on the App. Then you can click on Security and Emails from Instagram. This is going to display all of the official emails that have been sent to you. Again, it is important to remember that if Instagram do have to contact you about your password, they are only going to do this via email.

Another thing you can do if you are unsure whether something is a scam is to check Google. A lot of people post about messages they have received regarding their social media. So, it is likely that it has already been received by someone else. After all, that is probably why you are reading this article.

In Summary

To conclude, the 32665 text that you have received is a scam. It is not a message from Instagram and instead, it is a dangerous text that wants to steal your sensitive information. You should not open links that you are unsure of. If you do have to reset your password for this app, you will receive an email.

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