Top Instagram Engagement Statistics 2022

Top Instagram Engagement Statistics 2022

When it comes to reviewing social marketing outcomes, one of the most important indicators to consider is the Instagram engagement rate. 

Though the business managers are yet figuring a way to know what comprises a good Instagram engagement rate? We have included information that can assist your marketing team in achieving a high Instagram engagement rate.

Instagram is one of the most used social platforms among others and it has amazing features letting brands know their audience’s engagement with them. There are plenty of monthly active users on this platform and evaluating them is engagement rate statistics.


Instagram has a 4.7 percent average engagement rate. Instagram has a 1.9 percent average brand interaction rate. With 5.7 percent of engagement on Instagram, public personalities are the most popular.

On Instagram, video postings receive twice as much attention as ordinary posts. Wednesdays had the greatest engagement rate on Instagram (4.4%) .

Engagement statistics on Instagram:

Engagement is everything on Instagram. 

Brands invest themselves more in Instagram engagement rate because it can help brands to increase their reach into the audience resulting in a good community of themselves. After all, if people connect with postings that promote your products or services, they’re more likely to buy them.

The average Instagram engagement rate varies by industry. Low engagement posts have an engagement rate of less than 1%. Instagram posts with a 1 to 3.5 percent engagement rate are regarded as average or good. posts with an engagement rate of 3% are deemed high, while posts with an engagement rate of more than 6% are called extremely high.

It is a well-known fact that tagging mass and more hashtags result in a drop in Instagram engagement rate. And yet many seem to use them a lot. At least one hashtag appears in every Instagram post. 

Videos’ chance of increasing engagement rates on Instagram are higher than photon o posts.

  • Measuring the Instagram engagement rate for other users may become impossible in the future, as Instagram has begun a beta test that conceals the number of likes users receive.
  • The rate of engagement on Instagram stories is calculated using different measures than regular posts: replies, reach, and caption reactions.

With 5.17 percent, Greece has the highest average influencer engagement rate on Instagram globally.

Statistics on Instagram Influencer Engagement:

As nowadays many users are creating content so there are pretty good chances of mixing and copying content from others which have resulted in a drop he averages the influencer interaction rate on Instagram As a result, many influencers became panicked, believing they had lost their source of income.  Instagram engagement rate standards enabled all in knowing that this drop has severely affected the influencers and content creators of the Instagram platform.

  • The average influencer engagement rate on Instagram is 3%, though this varies depending on the type of follower.
  •  On Instagram, influencers with 1,000 or fewer followers have an above-average engagement rate of 8%.

Although this percentage may appear to be a small percentage, it is not terrible in reality assessing the amount of Instagram users and profiles. Furthermore, you may use your compelling content to increase your engagement and attract more traffic.

Video content, for example, has been demonstrated to generate 38% higher interaction than a static photo in an Instagram post. 1.5 percent for content creators and influencers is the lowest engagement rate. Celebrities have a lower rate of engagement than the general population.

Statistics on Instagram’s Industry Engagement Rates:

Instagram has evolved into a platform for businesses to raise brand recognition and generate new leads. Retail and fashion (typically seen as the most profitable genres) have seen their engagement rates collapse.

 The average industry engagement rate on Instagram is 1.9 percent. Instagram engagement rate standards revealed that the industry of fashion has the second-lowest engagement rate on Instagram. Brands in the sports and non-profit industries have a 2.40 percent average engagement rate on Instagram. The industries with the highest per-post engagement are less likely to post than others.

The commercial industry Instagram engagement rate is found to be 0.97 percent engagement per post. One of the most popular influencer industries, travel, has seen its engagement rate drop from 8% in 2018 to only 4.5 percent in 2019. Wednesday has the highest engagement rate on Instagram, at 4.9 percent. Monday, on the other hand, has the lowest level of participation (4.4%). It is not a surprise that Instagram users are interested in following brands and businesses on the network. Every day, around 200 million users visit at least one business profile. Instagram has an engagement rate of 1.6 percent, which suggests that users have a lot of organic measures through attention.

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