Junko Furuta – The Murder Story

Junko Furuta – The Murder Story

There are many stories out there that can make you famous. Unfortunately, this can happen to people once they have died. In particular, it might have been in the way you were killed that lets people find out your name. For example, this is why you may have heard of the name Junko Furuta before.

So, what exactly happened to Junko Furuta and why is everyone talking about them on the internet right now? Let’s take a look at the murder story and what we know about her death back in 1989.

Who is Junko Furuta?

If you are someone that likes to read horror stories, then you might have come across the name Junko Furuta before. Indeed, this is a name that is well known in Japan despite the events taking place back in 1989. It is important to introduce her as a girl in high school and tragic events took place. She was 16 years old when she died. She lived in Misato in Japan, known as a teenage girl that was active but did not drink, smoke or take drugs. She was said to like attention, as well as being beautiful.

What Happened to Junko Furuta?

So, what happened to Junko Furuta? Well, it is important to point out that another student liked Junko Furuta. His name was Hiroshi Miyano and he was involved with the Yakuza. However, she did not like him back and did not want a relationship with him. Hiroshi Miyano did not take this rejection well.

The tragic events started to unfold on 25th November 1988. This was when Junko Furuta was kidnapped. This happened when four boys around her age took her. This includes Hiroshi Miyano. She was taken to a house in Toyoko and held captive. She was made to call her parents and make up a story about her running away. In particular, she was staying with a friend of hers. Of course, this was a cover story so that she was not in danger and they would not come looking for her.

Junko Furuta was held captive for 44 days. But, she did not just live in fear. She was also humiliated and made to feel like dirt. For example, the boys made her take her clothes off, as well as being raped. Reports say that she may have been raped around 500 times by different people. This includes members of Yakuza. In addition, Junko Furuta was regularly beaten and other abuse happened in the house. As a few examples, she had dumbbells thrown on her stomach, she was forced into a freezer and she was even tortured with pliers, lighters and fireworks.

Junko Furuta – The Murder Story

How Did Junko Furuta Die?

The events that Junko Furuta went through are unthinkable. She went through all of these things for 44 days. By that point, she is said to have begged them to kill her. Eventually she did die after beating the boys at Mahjong solitaire and going through another extreme beating. When she died, the boys put her body into a 55-gallon drum. Then, they chose to fill this with concrete.

All four teenagers were charged with her murder. But, as they were tried as juveniles, they are all now out into the community after serving their sentences. This is something that makes people angry. Indeed, the story of Junko Furuta is still spoken about around the world as it was a shocking crime.

Why Did Junko Furuta’s Case Shock the World?

There are many reasons why people around the world were shocked by what happened to Junko Furuta. First of all, the things she must have endured before she died are unimaginable. The pain and suffering she must have been in are shocking. In addition, it is hard to think how people could do that to another person too. This was another reason why people could not believe what they were hearing.

The sentences of the boys after the crimes they committed were also something that angered the world. As they were classed as juveniles at the time, this was a factor that affected their case. So, people were not happy they served what seems like a short sentence for the crimes they committed toward Junko Furuta.

To Summarize

There are people that often become famous once they have died. This can happen because people develop a curiosity about what happened, wanting to know more about the circumstances. Indeed, it can be like a new story and be interesting to a lot of people. This is what happened with Junko Furuta. Many people were interested in her murder story that happened back in 1989. Let’s summarise what we have found out.

Junko Furuta was a Japanese high school student and unfortunately, she died when she was 16 years old. This happened in Misato, Japan and it was under circumstances that shocked the country, as well as the whole world. Junko Furuta was known as a beautiful girl who did not get into a lot of trouble.

It is incredibly sad what happened to Junko Furuta. After simply not liking one of the aggressors back, he was kidnap and held captive. There were four boys involved in this murder story, taking her to a house in Toyoko. Her parents believed that she had run away, which meant that they were not actively looking for her.

Junko Furuta went through a lot of horrible things in the 44 days she was held captive. This included being raped, beaten and abused. After a bad beating, she died and her body was disposed of in a 55-gallon drum that was filled with concrete.

While the four boys were charged with murder, this was so long ago that they are now out of prison. A lot of people were angry about the sentences they got and that it was not long enough for everything they did to her. She went through a lot of pain and stress during her time being held captive and many thought the boys should have served life in prison.

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