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Omegle Error Connecting to Server – How to Fix It

Omegle Error Connecting to Server – How to Fix It

If you are a fan of chatting with strangers, then you’re probably a fan of Omegle. It’s a brilliant place to get to know people but it’s not without its issues. There are circumstances where Omegle users experience a server connection error or get disconnected


What causes the issue?

There is no all-in-one solution for this because there are various reasons why the disconnections occur. Listed below are the common reasons for a connection error.

  • Connections were blocked by the user’s own parental control software, antivirus, or web browser
  • The user’s internet protocol (IP) address has been marked and suspended from using Omegle
  • Server or back end issues

The first two issues can be tackled directly from the user end. However, even those two issues have varying degrees of difficulties in solving them. But here we will just focus on the methods that almost anyone can try. Only the server related issue is something that is beyond the capability of the user to fix for themselves.



Before concluding that the disconnection is caused by the server, you must eliminate every possible user end issue first. Like it or not, it is a trial-and-error method so you would need to try out each solution one after the other.

When you have indeed tried all the solution for the user end problems, and the problem persist, you can now conclude that the issue is indeed server related. There is nothing much that an ordinary user can do about that other than to wait for the Omegle administrators to sort it out.


Solution 1: Un-Block from Parental Control Software, Antivirus and Web Browser

A parental control software, antivirus or web browser may have been the cause of the disconnection to Omegle to some degree. Parental control software like Microsoft Live Family Safety allows users to add the Omegle website on its block list, which then causes the connection to the site to be blocked.

Web browsers like Google Chrome also have website blocking capabilities in its Settings menu and users can choose to block or un-block Omegle on this web browser too. The situation that involves blocking capabilities of the software installed in your computer would require you to check each software settings and determine if any of them are responsible from blocking or disconnecting Omegle.

Since these software and applications are installed natively in the computer, it is therefore better to open the settings of each of these software and application to determine if any one of them may have added the Omegle web address in its list of blocked sites. This is straightforward but requires you to be familiar in navigating around each of the parental control software, antivirus and web browser’s menu and settings.


Solution 2: Changing the Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Due to the nature of chatting anonymously in Omegle, there is no other way that a user could constantly be disconnected from chatting unless their IP address has been marked and suspended. Think about it, there is no need to register using any sort of credentials be on it, email, phone number, or even a registered username and password login when using Omegle. So how does Omegle know that it’s disconnecting you, and specifically you? The culprit here is your IP address.



If you are not familiar with what an IP address is, it can be regarded as a numeric label that is used to identify your device on a network, both local network and the internet. The only information that Omegle can utilize to identify and disconnect you is the actual IP address that you used to log into Omegle. Let us use the following situation as a metaphor.

Think of your IP address as your house address and then, think of the disconnection from Omegle as having your daily newspaper delivery stopped because the delivery man has been asked to stop sending it to your current address. So, what is a quick fix in this situation? Use another address right!

I mean, your house is still the same house and you still live in the same house, but your daily newspaper can still reach you by having the delivery made to another address, such as your office address. Or you can even use your neighbor’s address.

How do you apply the concept of changing ‘home address’ with changing the IP address? Well, there are a few ways actually and you can try some of the ones suggested below:


For desktop computers

Turn off or unplug your modem for about five to ten minutes before turning in back on or re-connecting the plug again. In most circumstances, doing this will change your IP address when you go back online. Do take note that you do not necessarily need to turn off your computer when temporarily turning off or unplugging the modem. If this temporary method does not work, then you may have to unplug your modem overnight and re-connect to the internet the next morning.



For laptops and mobile devices

If you are using a laptop or mobile device, changing your IP address can be as easy accessing the internet through a different router or modem. If you are the type that likes to access the internet using the free Wi-Fi of a specific coffee shop or bookstore, then you need to move to a different shop to change IP address. Another way to get change your IP address over a mobile device is by temporarily turning off the mobile device for five to ten minutes. This method is applicable when the device accesses the internet using the broadband internet from its cellular service provider. This should change the IP address of the device.


Solution 3: Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will enable you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet and can be used to access websites that restricted based on region, as well as to shield all your browsing activities especially from publicly accessed Wi-Fi connections.

You can use a VPN such as ExpressVPN or SurfShark which allows you to navigate around ISP restrictions or geo-blocking that may have disconnected or blocked you from using Omegle. Another great thing about using a VPN is that it can also help reset your IP address just in case Omegle has banned or blacklisted it.

It is however important to take note that VPN providers are normally paid services. You can take advantage of their free trials or pre-subscription offers to test and determine if VPN is your cup of tea to regain access to using Omegle. If you do feel that using VPN works best for you in the long run and for applications that are more than just re-connecting to Omegle, than this solution may suit you best.




All in all, the three solutions provided here are aimed for individuals who are just ordinary everyday users. These solutions do not require a user to access the command prompts or do any computer programming entries, which may already be a stretch for many. Hopefully, one of these solutions would help resolve the issues you have faced to connect to Omegle and thus allow you to enjoy chatting anonymously once more.

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